(2021) Truths For Meeting Women

TRUTH or MYTH: Eastern European Women React to Stereotypes I Youtuber Edition
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Here are the best truths for meeting women.

The more men try to pick up women, the more demeaning they appear.

The more you provide, the less you get. If all you give is your delightful services, you will get nothing.

Let the woman come to you. Women do not like to be bothered with planning and seduction.

You will often hear a woman say, “Oh, how can he do that! Where have you been all this time?”

And you will answer, “Oh, I’m not a big talker. I’m quiet by nature.”

You don’t get his attention then.

So if the job is to get your attention, do not get obsessed about that. Nothing is going to give you sheer connections and aura that you can use every time.

You are the greatest intimidator around her.

If a man appears needy and transitory, he loses every time.

The problem with the ego is it has no loyalty.

It will keep thinking of itself and will reward you when it is rewarded.

So it is very dangerous if you decide early on that you will reward this wasting.

I’m warning you now, it will be an injustice to the one you love if you reward this ego state.

It’s true, if she is convinced that you will reward her for screwing up, she will look for other prospects.

The problem is the granting of bonus points, and the abuse of connections will lead you to lose everything you thought was valuable.

And what is the quality of your connection when you are with her?

It is seeing how far it will go, and how good you are in letting her forget herself and become a mere accessory.

You will never become a “real man” with her if you pour the meaning in the least amount of time.

The more women you meet, the more confused you become about the ones you want to keep.

I don’t care if you have ten different women in your life.

Genuine love for what’s yours is a beautiful thing for any man to have.

The problem, a beautiful woman will not stay exactly where you put her.

One of her tricks is figuring out how to find the guy who gives her the most happiness.

If you meet a woman and you absolutely want to keep her, then you must pay attention and let her go.

I’m not talking about calling her to a date but making her want to find out what’s in you which will justify her staying with her, to begin with.

A truly happy woman will want to share the most things in you, she will try all sorts of things to find out the true self and the happiness you can bring to her life.

She will keep looking for the way to happiness, to happiness.

No matter how much you try to persuade her otherwise, she will fight to get you for a moment (if she has you at all).

But, if you can walk away anytime, she will find happiness, and she will find an escape from all the drama that has got her to stay.

That escape will be the only way for her to save her wellbeing.

I’m not talking about being abusive here by continuing to punish her.

The fact is, all women have the potential to experience ulterior motives in every man they meet, so the man has the power to choose.

He chooses whether or not he is good enough for her.

Women will do anything to hang out with you if you are good enough for her.

This is the secret.

To get her, you have to show her that you are absolutely not suitable for her, but she will care about what you can bring to the relationship thus far.

For instance, many women have found dates with perverted men and have those men as their boyfriends.

There is really no possible path for any woman to accept this and yet it usually does not happen.

This is how men get fictitious numbers, the ones which are irrelevant, abusive, unacceptable….

We do the same, we simply give a woman fake numbers which she can give to all her friends.


Dating Tips – Often Asked Questions

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Do men have a hard time speaking about Dating?

Answer: Most men do not like to talk about dating or being in a relationship. Since men are not emotionally attuned they do not know how to express feelings or what to say. It is difficult to have a conversation or discuss relationships with them.

If a man is not comfortable discussing dating or being in a relationship, he can hide it from you. Most men are afraid of being thought of as players by women if they speak about their relationship status. He may have planned this and the truth is that he is afraid of this. He is sure that you will think that he is just playing you if he talks about being reluctant to have a relationship. He is holding back for quite a number of reasons…

  • He is afraid that he will always be single
  • He is afraid of commitment
  • He is not confident that you are the right one for him
  • He is afraid that you will cheat on him
  • He is afraid that he is not smart enough to present himself well in front of you
  • He doesn’t want to be rejected by you
  • He is not capable of extracting a commitment
  • Since he is not yet ready to have a committed relationship, he wants to take his time and attend to the subtle changes until you force his hand

Men who prefer bachelorhood have a very high fatuity. They believe being bachelor’s is better and do not value love or commitment. On the other hand, men that are in a relationship have a high awareness of time. They are always in the process of changing their love lives but never in a direction where love is concerned.

Being single can be better

Being single can be better as a result of a variety of factors like the increased self-esteem, the opportunity of being involved in clean energy activities, new products and therapies, the recession, the college system, the Internet, and the vibrancy and excitement in the society. I am not trying to minimize the importance of these factors but I believe that the cliché that the more the better is true and should be transitional.

As a single man, I have found myself in a number of single cabins and I am able to Clothing, decorating and keeping my house updated and I Am certainly not as bad as the above. But the story is the same. I’m not in the best relationship right now and living in a townhouse with eight people. That said, the truth about the above relationships is that they are the ones that have the highest routines. The highest probability of them starting new relationships is also the highest. The single cabins with the highest entry-level condo values are generally the singles that are married.

I believe that women look for more than cabins in their dating adventures. That said, there are a number of dating tips for women that can be applied to the purchase of the clothes, the setting, going to the gym, and then finding someone to share your life with, and ultimately settling down.

I am trying these dating tips for women so that others will benefit and so that I can among others can have a chance at making love happen for me.

Of all the things that I know about dating tips for women, the most relevant one for me is that dating is as much about you as it is about the other person. Were I and this person to decide on each other, we would not work. We would not be compatible. There is no faking a relationship, at least for me. This is not to say that if you intend to date this person you can’t love as well. This article is meant to encourage that. Of all the dating tips for women that I know, this one is most important and gives the best advice for women who want to make love happen and want to find a partner that will make their lives more fun, exciting, and focused.


How to Be More Comfortable With Your Date

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Do you often worry about reservations and being under the care of someone whom you barely know? How to Be More Comfortable With Your Date? You should never allow your date to think ill of you, or that you are nervous. Being comfortable in an intimate relationship is easy, but being relaxed and confident can be challenging. You say you feel safe and secure at home, but you are not always yourself, and you say you feel uneasy and uncomfortable. You are never going to be truly at ease unless you are truly comfortable with someone and the activities that take place in the intimacy of your home.

The first date does put you in a setting that is familiar, but it will not do you much good if you are always feeling uneasy or scared. It is important that the activities you choose make you comfortable, so that you may put your best self forward and truly be comfortable.

Most singles are not comfortable when taking singles-only outings that do not have the same level of involvement as a group outing. If this is your first time to meet a date, then you will probably be a little apprehensive. It is also a good idea to meet in a public place in the middle of the day. You can meet for lunch or dinner; but if you plan to go to a movie or a club, you have to agree to spend at least two hours together.

Comfortable With Your Date

If you are not very familiar with your date, it is offered, however, to meet in a public place during the daytime, so that your date does not feel isolated or scared. It is offered again for the purpose of seeing whether both of you can truly be comfortable with each other when in a group setting.

During the first date, it is not your responsibility to plan everything. The man will show his mean by not allowing you to choose a pocket or coffee on June 12th, but it is your responsibility to still listen and understand what he has planned.

It is not your responsibility to buy the expensive dinner, but it is your responsibility to be yourself and not assume that he is going catch a table for two at Jill intent on getting her first date with her. She may not ask for one but be assured that it is an important consideration.

Your dinner date can be a short picnic, but will at least provide you with a casual setting so that you can learn if you really want to see the man again. Holding onto the posh restaurant table, looking into his eyes, and letting him pick the tab will help you go forward with confidence and ease into a comfortable atmosphere and a chance for romance.

If you have been previously dating a man who has not left a good impression on you, it is your responsibility to fully understand what went wrong and how to rectify it. The first dates are perhaps the cardinal rule because if you are not entirely comfortable, there will be no point in continuing. You have been warned.

If you have reason to believe that there is absolutely no romantic chemistry between you and your date, as a woman you should already know how to act and not to present yourself in this manner. Do not be one of those first-date blunders that ruin your chances at becoming closer to your date. Show you are a woman that deserves his respect.

The men are responsible in a relationship for creating first dates that are entertaining and unifying. If there is no chemistry or mutual interest in the first date methods, the man has twice as much to consider. No sense in putting up with a woman like that if you are not going to enjoy yourself. So if you think that there is no point in seeing him again, by all means, do not agree to go out again. Let him know that you do not want to see him unless the desire is mutual.

Men and women have to be realistic and realize that the first time they ever date is an interview-like situation. There are signals and signs to watch out for to make sure that you both have a good time. The discussion of the first date can be fun, but it can also be stressful. Therefore, have your own transportation, bogus reasons if you need to trip or make a wrong turn on the way home, and most of all, remember that the evening will go nowhere if you are not having fun.

In case you are one of those foodies, then you can patiently wait until the date is over. At the end of the date, you will know if there are sparks or simply no chemistry. It is then that you can make a decision if a second date would be enjoyable for both of you. And in most cases, the decision will be made if neither of you are having fun. After the end of the date, go home and call to inform each other.

If you are not interested in dating the night before, keep in mind that there is no law that says you can’t do it on the first such date.


(2021) How I Get Women to Notice Me Easy

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How do I get women to notice me? This is a common question asked by guys of all ages. Is there a magic cure or formula? For some guys, it’s as easy as apple pie and for others, it’s more of a challenge. You can either sit around and wait for beautiful women to fall from the sky or you can become the man which women want.

If you’ve ever wondered why some guys seem to have all the luck when it comes to attracting women then you obviously don’t know what you are doing. You are just wasting your time…time which could be spent on getting better. Stop wondering how to get women to notice you and instead learn how attraction works. This will give you a huge leap in the game.

Discover the secrets of seduction and get women to notice you immediately. Read on…

How I Get Women To Notice Me


Women don’t like a follower. So if you follow a woman, you will literally be following her. Of course, there is nothing wrong with that, but if you have your own life, your own direction then you will be giving off a vibe of strength.

This gives women something to work for.

Portray a Romantic Mood

Make your partner feel loved and cared for. The majority of women out there feel vulnerable when it comes to romance. Therefore, you need to build a romantic mood to make her feel special. Give her flowers, Write love letters and romantic cards. Call her up just to hear her voice. You don’t always have to be the one to do the calling, but there is a combination of things that will allow you to control the geography of your relationship.

If you are the one always doing the calling and all the romantic things, she will feel like she has control of the relationship. There is nothing romantic which a woman wants a man to feel this way. Therefore, after you start making her feel like she is the one in charge then it’s time to turn things around and make her feel like she is in charge.

Emotionally Send Out Mixed Messages

What most men don’t know is that all women will experience pain from a broken heart. Oftentimes, if she has been cheated on or her previous partner has abused her emotionally then she may not stay in the relationship for long. Therefore, you must send out mixed signals to keep her attracted to you.

A lot of guys make the mistake of only showing romantic interest in her. After all, she is a human being, you are not trying to marry her. But be careful not to send out too much sexual interest in her early on, this might ruin the mystery. You should only show romantic interest in a woman to whom you are emotionally connected.

Identify Her Lifestyle

Just like men, a lot of women want to feel appreciated. So you should take some time to find out what her favorite restaurants are in the area, or what restaurants she likes to go to. It’s not that difficult of an alarm when a woman starts coming to you about her favorite things.

Let Her Create Mystery

When you are seeing each other for the first time, don’t give her too much detail about yourself. You can talk a little bit about your own hobbies, but don’t share too much detail. As time goes by, after you start seeing each other regularly, you can start sharing more personal details with each other. But extend it slowly when she does not seem too eager.

A lot of men get scared when it comes to dating beautiful women. Luckily, there are different ways on how to get women to notice you. But you need to remember that being noticed doesn’t necessarily mean that she’s going to fall head over heels for you. Remember that she is still a woman! She will not fall for you if you do not speak to her with respect. Also, you should know the tricks on how to get women to notice you!


First Date Do’s And Dont’s

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First Date Do’s And Dont’s

First kisses on the First Date can be intimidating! They are also the beginning of a new relationship. is there an article you have read in a magazine that you thought was domain eligible? Well, there sure is. Have you asked for a first kiss?

Three out of four women correctly answer yes. Three out of four men correctly answer no. I was married for two years before I had a first kiss. I was very shy growing up. All through college I was afraid to kiss anyone. I couldn’t even tell my roommate that I wanted the first kiss. He was the sweet prince on campus who only clicked with me on a funny note.

He always teased me about my orientation. I guess he never had any facial expressions because I didn’t have one either. A perfect opportunity was when we were walking in the park and he looked deep into my eyes and said, “Let’s go have a good time.” I couldn’t have concurred more. It was the last memorable first kiss I will ever have.

There are some do’s and don’ts that are worthy of acceptance, no matter what the occasion. As a culture, we seem to have forgotten the occasion for a first kiss, let alone an awkward one. We let the occasion be our partner’s first choice. My mother always told me that if you want something that won’t last, ask for it. It may be a little old-fashioned, but she was right. I know many couples that get married and decide not to kiss until the wedding. Don’t leave him waiting to make a decision either.

To have a great first kiss, don’t just Preparation, start with a fresh set of lips. No one will know that you have one bad pair of lips. A fresh set of lips is just as important. You want your lips soft, supple, and slightly moist. You will not be kissing an ice cream scoop. You will be kissing real live folk.

Start your lips on the side of your mouth with your mouth closed. Be as close to him as possible. If he has his head resting on your chest, he is not going to be comfortable. No matter how close you are, there is still distance. Close your mouth slightly, but not too close. A lip brush is just perfect. You don’t want to puddle him with a wet one. If you have time before the kiss, use a lip liner or something similar to prevent a dot of lipstick from showing on his face.

While your lips are dancing on the curtain, slowly part your lips. Be as smooth as possible. No bumping or jutting. Maintain an even lip position. Let your top lip lift slightly, while the bottom lip will still be in contact with his. Switch to the synthetic Jewelry lip system if you’re going to. Be very gentle. Don’t try to dislodge his lips.

While your lips are doing its thing, bring your head closer to his. Carefully kiss along the line of the lips, as if you are making a very delicate kiss. Spray a little fresh lipstick on the Broken Heart afternoon he is taking off his shirt. Keep your fronts near his mouth and head. If you are going to the movies, just carefully open your mouth like you are picking a piece of fruit. Put your top lip down a bit, and be gentle moving your head back and forth.

A passionate kiss is like a moment out of a movie. Seduce him as you slowly explore the sensation of his tongue on your lips. Let the sensations combine and switch as they are happening. Soon, you will very likely be on your way to real-time fisting.

When you realize you have grown a passion for this man, you have to remember to add that passion to the first kiss with some passion. No man wants to be smothered and he will get very agitated if he feels like he is being dominated in the kiss. Take it easy and let him make all the moves while you are enjoying the thought of his full, restrooms, lips on yours.

Throughout all this, you must never open your mouth with a MateOvershell. This is one way to make him come for more. The screw should be done gently and from the sides. While you are kissing, try to gently insert your tongue into his mouth. The motions must be just controlled to your rhythm and not to the man’s rhythm.

After you’ve gone all the way, offer your Arms for Security. This means that you’ll draw his head ever so close to yours, and hold it there. This closeness to you means that you are, in fact, ready for sex and his gentle caressing should make him more eager than ever. Touching the body, arms, and hair will make a man anchor his emotions to you.