(2021) How to Become an Attractive Man

So you are a man and want to understand how to become an attractive man

Maybe you have no problem with your looks but would like to find out how to bring out the best in your appearance and how to become an attractive man. The good news is that looks are under-rated these days, so whatever you look like is in the eyes of a woman and you can become an attractive man with just a few simple tips.

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some tips to be an attractive man

Be confident: Have faith in yourself and don’t rely on others for your smiles and your laughs. These are the major turning point in attracting a woman. Be confident in everything you do. You should be the one in the control. Be brave and demonstrate that you are a man of the world. Instead of talking to a woman, use her to get to know her better. Be a good listener; this will impress her and will make her believe that you are too good to be true.

Be stylish, stylish, stylish: Go out, shop, and buy some stylish clothes, shoes, accessories, but make sure you are not giving the wrong impression. Don’t look like you are trying too hard. Women are a bit cautious about these things. They want a man to be stylish and not just another slob. Take care of your appearance, get a haircut, put on a clean outfit and a little cologne will do the trick. A woman notices a lot about a man’s appearance but the most important thing to consider is that you are confident and checked out.

Get a gym: Nothing beats being healthy and feeling good. Making yourself over weaker will not help you in the dating game, so make yourself a commitment to going to the gym. A good body is a symbol of confidence, so who doesn’t want that? Take control of your life.

Get up the courage and just do it. You don’t need some excuses from someone you are not interested in, do you? Are you starting to feel good about the changes you are making in your life? I am confident that you have a great life with or without a woman. A woman will not fix it or make it better; she can just see that you are a self-confident man and stop wasting her time.

Get on the phone: I know that some of you are already making plans with your buddies to hit the town and a few are even asking friends if they can hang out, but for those of you who are still waiting for some other exciting event to happen, your conversations with friends are never exciting.

You did manage to find time to tell them how much you are looking forward to their gatherings, but what you are missing out on is the time you were spending, talking about how exciting it would be to do that all over again, or even planning for some exciting things to do at night when you are not around your buddies. How about letting your friend fix an evening date for the two of you, so you can chat a little while you are getting ready for work. If your buddy could set something up, so much better.

Give in to spontaneity: Approaching the red-hot bar with a drunk attitude is not the way to impress a woman. By all means, have a glass of wine, but don’t take it too far, you do not want to be driving her off, just a little alcohol can work, but you would not keep her interested in you if you drink too much. Start with something a little less sweet. Pick a non-alcoholic drink, and maybe you can order oysters for example. Consider what you are drinking and when you are drinking it, you will find out how it affects your decision-making process.

Be yourself: In the long run, you want someone who likes you for who you are and not who you pretend to be. So, if everything else fails, you will be yourself and that is the best you can give. Don’t overdo it, but if they are not going to be real people, what’s the point anyway. At least, you will have the best impression of how real and telling you are when you try to talk the talk and walk the walk. Most importantly, be yourself and you will find that you actually enjoy the process of talking, but not doing all the talking.

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