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Completely Understanding Alpha Women Role Models and Characteristics

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In the article I have written about the differences between dominant and submissive women, I have also briefly discussed the characteristics of ‘Alpha Women’ as far as I am concerned. Well, the description of an alpha woman may be somewhat harsh, but when one conceives her, she is a true picture of this great lady. One could say she is a princess.

Many people have misconceptions when it comes to the term “alpha women”. This is because of the misconception that this group of women has certain traits, hence they are considered as “lesser women”. Well, in my opinion, this is not true because not all of them fall in the category of alpha women. Just like any other woman, they could be ‘lesser men’.

Now, the ‘tired perception of the women who belong in this category is due to their attributes. I describe these abilities and traits in the next few paragraphs.


She believes that she needs to be ‘protective’ of others.

She is very supportive of the male somehow.

She is very honest and never transforms what she feels at a particular time into what she thinks others should think or how society might perceive her.

She is programmed to care for everyone and especially loved ones such as family members, friends, and lovers.

Now, the trait of an alpha woman may be protected, but not ALL women need protection. I am only pointing this out for the sake of clarification. Even the protected women have their own wants and needs, and may still want to ‘play’ around even after being protected. And this plays a part in why they cannot just fit into this behavior category.

Now, the behavior of an alpha woman may be protected, but not ALL. She is not the icon of protection because she will not get herself involved in protecting someone without strong motives. She will not do anything that will compromise her integrity. She may or may not get jealous. She is comfortable with herself and does not need the approval of others. She may or may not get needy. These are just some of the attributes of this type of woman.

Now, the why they are cautious may partly be because of their sibling influence. Their parents may have groomed them well, and taught them the right values (that they have), which may have led them to be somewhat lacking in confidence (but never lacks in self-esteem), which in turn taught them to be somewhat cautious without KNOWING their intentions. Only time will tell whether their fears will prove to be true or false.

As for the LACK of confidence, it is a * subconscious response to what women feel about themselves, and the need for validation. Once women feel that their social value falls too low, they turn to men to boost their pride, which in turn triggers the need for validation.

If women are too preoccupied with their looks and have spent hours getting ready for a date, forget getting to know the man, and get instead distracted with their looks. They forget about the man and become preoccupied with their appearance. Now that has got to be one description of the modern ‘beautiful women’. I agree.

Modern beauties have forgotten their beauties giving, and the key reason why they become so preoccupied with their looks is because of the influence of beauty-related ideals in their minds, such as: being thin, having blond, green eyes, high-heels, cleavage, etc. Even if an individual has money, it doesn’t mean that he/she is an alpha female because of the amount of hard-earned cash they have (with the intention of showing off), or because they own a home, etc.

The greater the level of beauty in her, the more preoccupied an alpha female is with her appearance (and that includes the validation question Divine Case), because she needs this validation to give her self-esteem a little more.

Now, you can inject this attitude without being a complete alpha or a Swing unsustainable, but you can only do it by getting to understand the Rasmussen of Love. You can’t ‘political your way to high self-esteem or to fulfill your heart’s desire for a blissful passion without the correct relationship with the opposite sex. Being secure in your relationship with Love is not the same as getting something for nothing, or having his/her approval.

Once you can understand WHY the male or female sexual desire is so strong, and that without the booster, the desire can be turned into a crazed animal ( ec Signature )itas not to mention, require something in return to keep it pumping.

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