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How long to wait to call after first date - by mike fiore (for digital romance tv)
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It’s been hours since your man dropped you off at his house. Now that he’s alone and apparently feeling good about you, he probably wants to take you out.

But he hasn’t. He hasn’t even tried to give you a call yet. You know this because you haven’t been able to get in touch with him.

The reason he hasn’t gotten in touch with you is that he still hasn’t made up his mind that he wants to call you. He hasn’t decided that he wants to see you again. That’s the reason he hasn’t decided to call because he still hasn’t made up his mind.

So is there any way to make him call you? Is there a way to really direct your man and this situation to your advantage?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. There is no way to get him to do what you want without appearing desperate.

If you continue to stay at his house without contacting him, he will assume you’re at his beck and call and really would not expect to hear from you. That’s not likely, right?

So unless you’re willing to face the bitter truth that he probably won’t call you again, you should try to direct things to your advantage.

Without a doubt, you have to make him think about you. You have to answer his questions or attempting to answer them in a negative way. He will think to himself: What does it take to make a woman like me? What is she looking for? And eventually, he will have to find the courage to call you himself.

Yes, you can put your phone to good use. You can send him a text message to end the date, but don’t forget, when the date didn’t really go off well, he still hasn’t reached you.

It’s not because you haven’t been able to get in touch with him. He will call if he’ll have to pinch himself and if the night went in a way he didn’t want it to, at least he will be given the chance to crack a few jokes and tell him what a wonderful time he had with you.

Do not give him that possibility. Play a little hard to get. Of course, he hasn’t seen how outspoken you have been at all. He’s most likely still in the dark about how you’ve been acting lately. It’s just plain irritating for him to know that he has not scared you straight.

It’s okay to appear a little annoyed when you’re with him, but do not intentionally make him realize that you’re vaguely annoyed. Do not snap at him and make him see that you’re annoyed. Instead, you can try to look through your own frustration and ask yourself: Did he do something that made mean you to the point of frustration? Did he do something to bother you, or make you angry?

Show your irritated side and be careful not to overdo it. Look towards your more reserved side and hold in on your anger. Let him know that you definitely do not deserve his behavior. Was it something he did? Or did you make a mistake that made it understandable for him to exhibit that behavior?

By making it clear that both of you need to cool off, things will probably turn out differently this time. And without him calling, do not bother calling him either. It would be a manipulation play. You have to show your conflict without being confrontational.

And when you do call him up, try not to make it a surprise. Make it sound like you just remembered. The car you were driving earlier in the day went out of service, so you were forced to take public transport. Tell him that you think their network failures are more serious than usual and that you hoped he could offer you his assistance.

And if you were late to that meeting or his office and cannot make it for him, make sure your voicemail picks up so you can apologize for the mix-up. That way, you can apologize for your lack of communication with him in person.

There are other suggestions for relationship issues. If he’s decided that meeting with you is no longer an option, suggest another surprise for him. Check out some new places or other activities. You can think of something creative to do with his buddies. That way, you will pique his interest.

If you’re still smarting about his behavior, then it is time for you to have some more entertaining ideas. It is absolutely necessary for women to entertain men and their interests. If he’s into going on an outdoor trek, then it’s time for you to eagerly join. Or if he’s not that adventurous, maybe you’ll just multi-task. Going to the movies, watching his favorite sport on television, cleaning his favorite house, those kinds of things will do too.

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