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Dating Mistakes Women Make – 3 Mistakes You Want to Avoid With Your Guy

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3 Dating Mistakes to Avoid

No one is perfect. That’s all too true in every area of life including the realm of dating and relationships. Women do things that damage their chances of establishing a strong connection to the man they love when they shouldn’t. Although there are things you can do to increase your chances, there are common mistakes that men who find you intriguing make that make things turn out poorly for both of you.

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Mistake #1: Pressure him to commit before he’s ready.

Maybe you’ve both been together for a while and feel there’s a connection. You feel the chemistry between you. The sparks are flying. The problems aren’t a problem and the intimacy is high. You want him to commit before he’s ready.

Fast Forward to now. He loves you as you are, but he’s not ready to make that kind of commitment. Your continued good looks and charm have him excited and pining for you. He wants to pursue you. He wants to see you often. He wants you to spend the holidays with him.

But rather than assist in making him commit, you seize all his remaining personal freedom and power. He can go out with his friends. He can have a night out with the guys. He can spend Saturday night visiting his mother. Or, you can have the rocking away monogamy and complain about his failures to commit. Your pressure to commit causing him to withdraw even more.

That’s because you didn’t remove the pressure from yourself. The added pressure of demonstrating how great a catch you are by making concerted efforts to additionally love and care about other people.

Mistake #2: Don’t be subtle about letting him know how much you care.

When you can show him you care by doing things for him that are fun and romantic, it will more than convince him that you are a great catch. Subtlety is the key. Go all out and say from the heart to make his night unforgettable: You couldn’t ask for a better man, and I’m not saying that in a bragging way. Simply Leading Up to the next romantic gesture or a brilliant idea that you guys will share together.

Mistake #3: Don’t let a man get away with bad behavior.

When Mr. Wonderful is belittling, insulting, or husband-having, point him out and show him the proper coping skills you possess to deal with a man like that. Yes, all men are different, and it takes different forms for each. Attempting to talk him out of the judgments he makes or the people he will personally disrespect. Call him on his ignorant behavior and ask him to apologize or change his ways.

Love and personal growth go hand in hand and relationships will not succeed if these kinds of scenes continually happen. Letting go means voluntarily giving up some selfishness or bad behavior (remember, he’s not perfect either and if he’s reaching for your hand, that still means he is selfish or at least callous).

Does your man make these mistakes or wonder what you could have done differently to save the relationship? You don’t have to keep Calm and dime out. Maybe now is a good time to get God involved. He can remove sins from your life or make good choices regularly. To do this, however, you must make peace with the past and do right. Take a break from dating and relax your ain’t it soul mate relationship. Let your faith sustain you and pour yourself to him.

Save the love for your relationship.

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