Dating Tips – Often Asked Questions

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Do men have a hard time speaking about Dating?

Answer: Most men do not like to talk about dating or being in a relationship. Since men are not emotionally attuned they do not know how to express feelings or what to say. It is difficult to have a conversation or discuss relationships with them.

If a man is not comfortable discussing dating or being in a relationship, he can hide it from you. Most men are afraid of being thought of as players by women if they speak about their relationship status. He may have planned this and the truth is that he is afraid of this. He is sure that you will think that he is just playing you if he talks about being reluctant to have a relationship. He is holding back for quite a number of reasons…

  • He is afraid that he will always be single
  • He is afraid of commitment
  • He is not confident that you are the right one for him
  • He is afraid that you will cheat on him
  • He is afraid that he is not smart enough to present himself well in front of you
  • He doesn’t want to be rejected by you
  • He is not capable of extracting a commitment
  • Since he is not yet ready to have a committed relationship, he wants to take his time and attend to the subtle changes until you force his hand

Men who prefer bachelorhood have a very high fatuity. They believe being bachelor’s is better and do not value love or commitment. On the other hand, men that are in a relationship have a high awareness of time. They are always in the process of changing their love lives but never in a direction where love is concerned.

Being single can be better

Being single can be better as a result of a variety of factors like the increased self-esteem, the opportunity of being involved in clean energy activities, new products and therapies, the recession, the college system, the Internet, and the vibrancy and excitement in the society. I am not trying to minimize the importance of these factors but I believe that the cliché that the more the better is true and should be transitional.

As a single man, I have found myself in a number of single cabins and I am able to Clothing, decorating and keeping my house updated and I Am certainly not as bad as the above. But the story is the same. I’m not in the best relationship right now and living in a townhouse with eight people. That said, the truth about the above relationships is that they are the ones that have the highest routines. The highest probability of them starting new relationships is also the highest. The single cabins with the highest entry-level condo values are generally the singles that are married.

I believe that women look for more than cabins in their dating adventures. That said, there are a number of dating tips for women that can be applied to the purchase of the clothes, the setting, going to the gym, and then finding someone to share your life with, and ultimately settling down.

I am trying these dating tips for women so that others will benefit and so that I can among others can have a chance at making love happen for me.

Of all the things that I know about dating tips for women, the most relevant one for me is that dating is as much about you as it is about the other person. Were I and this person to decide on each other, we would not work. We would not be compatible. There is no faking a relationship, at least for me. This is not to say that if you intend to date this person you can’t love as well. This article is meant to encourage that. Of all the dating tips for women that I know, this one is most important and gives the best advice for women who want to make love happen and want to find a partner that will make their lives more fun, exciting, and focused.

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