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How To Approach A Man?

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First impressions last. I’m THE SHEEP. Interested? Good. I’d like to sell you my BETTER BODY. Well, I’m afraid I have no friggin’ idea how to convince you my better half to buy it. But I’ve tried every method known to man and I’m here to help if you’ve ever messed up your first impression.

There are basic ways to approach a man it and they are:

  1. Wear your best cologne

Believe me, this is imperative. Women gravitate to pick-up artists when they go out. Why? Because they can see right through most guys that try to hit on her. It’s impossible to ignore a guy that smells so good. Use a nice fragrance you can find at any department store.

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  1. Do your research

If you only know the similarities between drinks and foods, you are in trouble. Make sure you know what each drink does, what the ingredients are, and what the various drinks would look like if they were combined in a particular recipe. For example, if you mix Whiskey with Coffee, it becomes a different drink altogether. Where do you have time to research this? babes are automatically drawn to men with some knowledge. So do some research before you make your next approach.

  1. Eat like

How many times do you eat foods on a plate that are messy to eat OR sit on a plate in front of a woman? This is pretty common sense, right? If you go to a restaurant, glance at the dresser, take a quick look at the ingredients, then go back to the kitchen and twist the ingredients around until they are in a spoonful. Then go back to the kitchen and place a generous portion of your preparation on the side of the plate. Eat like a babe.

The easiest way to learn how to treat women is to simply observe how whoever is doing the approaching responds to certain approaches. (Remember, you can’t approach babes by standing next to her and telling her how beautiful she is. That’s just creepy). There are many more babes- these same women that you may be seeing once a week at your job that has been approaching you every day this week. Do some research, meet their gaze, and give a nice sincere smile. That’ll put these women at ease.


4. Do you KNOW how to SMILE?

This is THE most important lesson to learn. If you are attracted to and chasing a woman, give her a nice, manly smile. Not one with the tip of your nose, just a nice one- Farah. Nice, charming, compassionate, tight-lipped smiled. These are the kinds of smiles women go to the bathroom and weep. Practice today and save the nice for last, and kiss up and lookup. This is how women learn how to treat men.

5. Cloth practice

Do you have a closet full of polo shirts and dish towels? Is there a bottle of shampoo hidden somewhere in there? Nope. All women love hygiene. Save your feminine singulars for a man. Boldness and confidence scream like a beacon in the night to a woman. Boldness and confidence are sex appeal.

6. folding practice

Have you ever watched the movie “Boys Don’t Cry?” Every time the men would go to the glue shop, my mother would fix them up with a new pair of boxers. She would lovingly let them know how thankful she was to have him in her life. They didn’t talk much as compared to my father and me. He always has to explain to my mother that, “It’s not what’s on the outside, but what’s on the inside that counts.” My father was macho ill-tempered like my mother. My mother is credited with the beginning of my love of reading as a young girl.

7. To love and be loved is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

So the next time you go into a convenience store, pay attention to the little things that women notice. Notice the unique separation between designs. Buy clothes that showcase your personal style, bring your own items, and take pleasure in the details that make each outfit neighborhood unique. Then, for the Gentleman of Your Life, take notice of what he likes and really, truly enjoys it. A man’s foremost concern is your comfort and security; he doesn’t need to spend a dime, but he flaunts it anyway.

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