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How to Attract a Handsome Man! Cool Techniques to Totally Seduce Him & Make Him Want You Instantly

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How to Attract a Handsome Man?

You have seen the guy who just cannot take his eyes off the woman in the bar. The only fix is that she is way out-of-this-league pretty and rich. If you want to know how to attract such a man here’s what you should be doing.

Bringing in some sanity just because his face looks like that of a blip doesn’t mean that he is going to be fixated on any woman who approaches his area of interest. Identify the reason behind this and get back in your own league by standing apart from the crowd.

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Take him seriously the most obvious thing that you must do to attract him is to look super gorgeous. So, dress your best and get the latest right dress. Have your face, hair and skin treated to perfection by a professional image consultant. Nothing works better than a truly stunning look.

Wear something daringly sexy your first accessory must have to be something that is sizzling hot. So wear something that is somewhere between a nightclub dress and a pair of crosses between Ski Wear and an evening gown. This will conjure the shivers in him and will make him take notice of you.

Work on your body language if you are using the cross-neck style top with a plunging neckline and high heels then you are asking for trouble. Sure your target is going to notice you and take note of your body. You have to give him the right signal by using body language that does not look flirty. So at one point cross your legs in his direction while still in your top.

Start a genuine conversation don’t just talk to him in a sexy voice and nervously laugh and nod. You want to creep him out and make him slightly uncomfortable. Making small talk and maintaining a two-way conversation will give you a chance to make his move and interest in you.

Single him out when he comes into your company make sure you single him out from the rest of the crowd. Give him all the attention and focus and complement him honestly for all that he has achieved and continues to achieve. He will be pleased that you have picked him out of the crowd.

Don’t make him feel castrated not go overboard in complimenting him. There is no point in making him feel like he is the most handsome and hunk in the crowd if you are too unimpressive. Instead, compliment what he is wearing and make him feel wanted and loved.

Take him to the dance floor now that you have attracted him you will be taking him to the dance floor. Take the opportunity of asking him to dance with you. His response will demonstrate your interest in him and he too will dance with you. This is the perfect opportunity to take the next step.

Seduce him after having a superb evening on the dance floor, there is no harm in turning things a bit hotter by joining him in the curvature of your body. Talk to him and flirt with him – he should not feel the sting of your scrutiny.

Lead him into a warm and gentle kissBe patient, if you are sure that he is into you and would like to arouse you physically, do not rush him. It is important to take your time and make the move gentle in your approach. Maybe you could plant a kiss on his cheek the next time you meet and leave it there.

Brush yourself after the heady times it is of no use coming out of the shower looking awful. It is important to have a shave, visit your parlor and get a proper dress. It is not necessary to invest in an expensive dress but it better should be a decent one.

Act accordingly there is no point in acting coy all the time. In the real world, you will not get an acknowledgment directly. Give him his dose of belief by making him feel confident of your interest in him. At the same time display your independence.

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