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How to Have a Really Great Relationship With Your Husband?

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How to Have a Really Great Relationship With Your Husband?

Here is How to Make Marrying You a Sweet Opener

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Most marriages can be called a success story if the couple is able to gauge so. An optimum number of years is crucial so that the yearly pace can be kept up. So if you want to have a really great relationship, look for the following things to consider.

Make an assessment of your expectations before you go ahead and pick a guy, you should first try and understand your husband’s basic desires and likings. Generally, most men want to marry a wife that will not make the home a jail and a nag. You should find out if that is the case.

Ask your husband his views give all the males in your family, important cousins and close friends, an opportunity to come and tell you their opinion about the suitable girl. It does not matter if they have voted for you or against you, it is never a bad idea to know what remains your strongest suit.

Men are essentially hetically fashioned you needn’t look stunning to keep a man. But you might have to make better clothes, change your hairstyle and get a good tan. If your husband has said that you look more beautiful in a red frock than in an outfit of white silk, then there is a need to be happily oblivious.

Husband powers are not fallen powered naturally still retain the power to protect and care for the family. So you need to make him a little bit less bearish about the whole thing. A few subtle changes here and there about the way he has conducted certain occasions speak volumes.

No harm in changing the pattern with other guys once you are married it is natural that you and your husband would want to live a ‘fantasy’ life and enjoy the life that belongs to you and your kids. If this is happening then you need to communicate this to your husband clearly.

He can’t do that much If the man in your life is so into his career and has become neglectful so as to let go of you, don’t think it is only your kid who will suffer, your husband also has responsibilities to play. So take whatever steps you need to take but never compromise on your stand.

Never nag about money there are times when you might feel the urge to talk about money. You might be looking for a relinquishing of some of his financial interest or you want him to put more etc. But there is there a thin line between discussing money and nagging. So tread lightly.

Never ask him to account for his money when you have been discussing money at length, do not make a huge issue of it. Make it clear that you want him to account for his money and that you will cover the amount that he owes you from his pocket or wallet. It is every man’s dream to not worry about lions chasing their prey. So if you have to arrange a haircut or wardrobe change to make a good impression, do it. But never make him feel that you are going to depreciate his earning potential.

Make him feel alive When you want your man to experience different new facets of your personality, you need to make him feel alive. So appreciate his unique talents and encourage him when he is climbing to the top of the ladder at work or school. Appreciation is one of the ways to make a man feel like an intelligent, thinking individual.

Make him a little less freeWhen you are married you will need to grant him his Santa’s privileges. But newfound freedom does not spell the end of fun and excitement. Maintain the Quit! sign as a sign that you still think he could be the greatest lover you have had but that the two of you need to get on and have some real fun!

Sex for two is always bestWhen you have the whole afternoon to yourself and neither of you has talked about sex all these fondly, then by all means have some hot sex. Enjoy it and let your man experience the joys that only two people who truly love each other can!

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