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How To Know If A Guy Likes You? 4 Way’s To Tell If A Guy Likes You

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How to know if a guy likes you?

Well, there is no straightforward way to answer this question. You need to observe the situation to understand why he does or does not behave a certain way. Some of the key things to note are his actions and later on his words.

I will like to list out some of the common ways and later on, I will elaborate more or less on them.

The first way on how to know if a guy likes you is through simple observation. What this means is that you need to be open and willing to be really observant and watch him closely. His actions will give him away. If he talks to you and is comfortable LOUDLY in your company then there are high chances that he likes you. The same thing applies to you. You can also judge this by the manner of his speech.

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Women are known to be freer with a speech which is why you should also be observing her body language. If she acts in a reserved manner then it only means that she is already secured with you. She will stay in a very relaxed way and it is also very easy for her to break the tension with just a simple excuse of time.

Now, guys first came to know about affectionate behavior. When a guy touches you on a light level (not too much though), he is affectionate in nature. Some guys are known to accidentally touch your hand, shoulders, etc.

in a light touch while talking. Guys tend to only do this in very subtle ways and you need to be very observant of these little gestures. Just a warning though guys, it is a different thing to mistakenly touch your hand, shoulders, or back when you are talking. You need to put your awareness and caution while interacting with a woman, as the mistake slightest slip will become an issue.

In order to know if a guy likes you, you need to realize the body language of the person. You should observe how he acts around you. Does he face you while talking? You need to observe his facial expressions too. Isn’t he roving when it is your company? You should also try to know if he is really listening to what you say to him. When he doesn’t seem to remember it, you know he is not thinking about you.

How to know if a guy likes you? Just a few simple tips might help. Women will always be seeking answers and comfort tips when it comes to the issue of how to know if a guy likes you. There is no strict guideline with this or no exact criteria. You need to use your judgment and instinct.


Most importantly, be honest with yourself. Not all men have the same character or traits. And it’s not the same way in girls too. If you think that someone is not going to like or like you back, just find a way to be near or next to that person. Give him or her your attention. Take some time to really be acquainted with each other. It will also draw out the hidden beauty in each and every individual.

If a guy appears to be struggling with some stuff around you (mate, office, family, etc.) then he is struggling with his emotions too. Men are known to be weak beings and they will show it by the way they handle themselves. You can ask them for a casual talk, share your feelings, be casual. Even without wanting to, they will grasp what you want.

How to know if a guy likes you? It is entirely based on how a guy acts around you. And not on what he actually says. This is a very, very good manual on how to know if a guy likes you. Women will always be longing for this. Learn it, live it, and enjoy it.

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