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Russian Women Charm

Men the world over have been studying, researching, and interviewing Russian women for the purposes of coming up with effective dating tips for men. Many of the dating tips and advice being transmitted to men has the goal of helping them learn conversational skills, flirting skills, and how to interact intuitively and sensually with Russian women.

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Unfortunately, you can’t teach people how to speak English through emails or on the phone. There are no Shortcuts to Growing Success with Women because… you can’t find a book or a website that will teach you all the answers.

That is why I am excited to share Attraction 101, the first online community to be made especially for men that are dedicated to helping you meet Russian women and fall in love the easy and natural way!

Many men have a lot to learn when it comes to approaching, dating, and marrying a foreign woman. They may have been taught by their mothers or sisters how to treat a foreign lady, but that does not mean that this clamor will help his love life, or yours. The girls from Russia are no different than other women your mom has taught you.

The girls from Russia may be attractive, but they are just as complex as everyone else. Just as the girls you run into at your workplace are diligently following their career, goals, and plans, the Russian women you meet are striving to make themselves happy and support their families.

This is why the idea of exotic vacation travel is so disappointing because it means that you have spent money on tickets, not spending time to celebrate your love, relationships, and a whole lot of other common goals that are really important in relationships, but you did not have the knowledge, experience, support, and creativity to create a romance and a life together out of a chance meeting.

At worse, these relationships are not going to work, or come close to being ‘taken’. At best,!!!

Russian women are not seeking a new apartment in a beautiful neighborhood in New York or unnecessary jewelry, right now, they are struggling to survive. By any means, they are willing to give what is needed, but only when the man is sincere and committed. However, this is not the same thing as saying they will love you forever, because they need time to adjust, grow, and learn.

By definition, this means that you will be a Russian bride, not a Russian wife. Retaliative relationship with the children in their mother’s country, not your own.

Your love, patience, support, and role as their father, will all be necessary!

Agree on the standard etiquette and rules of the relationship before you get involved. Make sure that if you are going to Russia, you have carefully researched a variety of dating websites, to see which fits your needs. Do not disclose your last name, address, personal details, or email until you feel that the relationship is at a place where you are comfortable.

There are roughly a million more people than there are members, so there is always a lot of choices! Ask around and do not be afraid to share ideas. What has worked for others might not work for you, so do not be afraid to ask! Your Russian bride needs the constant reassurance that she is wanted and appreciated.

Show her your support in other ways. Be prepared to take a vacation shake, a road trip, or stay at home and receive emails and messages from her every day. The more the merrier! Remember that you are not the only one who has this quest, so settle down and be patient. You will be happy you did, after all, you are about to embark on a whole new adventure!


What Guys Want In A Woman

A Slashing intro to What Guys Want In A Woman

When asked what guys want in a woman, most women have a story to tell. Attractive women, likable and self-assured women, have suffered through everything from heartbreak to recluse who have never received a card or e-mail from a single man. In their telling, these victims of heartbreak are a constant hot commodity whose time is ripe for the picking. “Players” navigate the game of love in nifty ways that ensure lots of dates and lots of love later.

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We’re all familiar with the pitch, but few of us have learned how to play the game in a way that favors the seducer. “What guys want in a woman,” the pitch will surely say. How males must master the art of seduction if they are to compete and win at the dating game.

The question is: how does one become a player in the dating game? The answer is simple. Every time you go out, try to talk to three people, but focus your attention on the person you are trying to flirt with as much as possible. Do not even allow yourself to think about possible dating relationships. Keep in mind that for your opportunity to surface, you must keep your romantic interest level at a nine or above. Are your conversations filled with flirtation, passion, sentimental valentines, and laughter? If so, you are on the right track. Continue to read this column and learn how and why to charm a lover.

Confidence is Key

If you are going out on the town with the mindset of “what guys want in a woman”, it will be difficult to approach those who approach you. Confidence influences people to think that potential dating partners are more likely to be available, intelligent, and stable.

An average looking, nervous soul will be less likely to attract a suitor than a self-assured, patient man. With guys, it is often different. Outwardly confident men often give off the impression that they have no trouble getting with girls. On the contrary, quiet, timid men often go unnoticed because they use phrases like “excuse me” or “sorry” so often in conversations. To breakthrough, an indifferent approach is better for development rather than an attitude that will surely find a date.


Never underestimate the power of Smile. Some men can look unapproachable with their cold, unfeeling eyes while those with a warm, sincere smile instantly draw attention. An interested man will respond when you have not accidentally brought up something he would rather not discuss. Giving him an indication of your interest is a good start.


A man’s sense of smell is a powerful and tendentious way to tell about his feelings. A man cannot be considered just attracted to you due to your appearance. He may also feel the same way about your smells. Studies confirm that men are more attuned to female profiles when they are dressed and smelling good. You do not have to be a trailblazer to take advantage of this fact. Ordinary deodorant can still work with your current hairstyle so always be aware.

Your Body

The ex appearance of women has always been viewed as sexier. Long legs let you exude confidence, something science and sociological studies prove. sleepless nights are testimonial enough to confirm it. Now, we do not wish to suggest that this is the sole reason for our success in relationships but sleepless nights are generally believed to be uncomfortable under the collar and to have sexual undertones. In befriending men, we need to assume that they are similarly insecure. No man wants to be dealing with an excessively possessive girlfriend. While we encourage men to be confident, we do not wish to encourage nervousness.

We All Get Nervous

It is part of being human. Women and men both have the ability to be anxious for different reasons. Obviously, women are generally more anxious in affairs of romance. Those women that are anxious are not usually confident.

As a gender, women talk more than men do and although men are more motivated in the business world, women love to talk. We like to immerse ourselves in a conversation. These are the conversationalists among us. When a man meets a woman, he is interested in more than just light conversation. He is generally more interested in more than just sex because it is very personal with a woman.

There is no definite reason as to why some men are successful in romance, but there are several proven ways of attracting men. Definitely, if you are unsure of what men want, you can always do the research to find out.


How to Make Your Boyfriend Spend More Time With You! This Will Make Him Get Super Busy With You

Spend More Time With Your Boyfriend Right Away

Face the fact – your boyfriend is the only person for you at the moment. He is your entire life, the reason as to why you still stand. Now is the perfect time for you to turn the tables, and give him the most intense dating days that he has ever experienced. To make this fun, revisit the way you make him spend time, and teach him a few new tricks.

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Do fun things together it is but natural for you to feel anxious at the thought of your boyfriend not being able to spend much time with you. Make him enjoy his time with you. Do things that will excite his senses, make him smile, and make him laugh. Don’t worry; as you go along, you will be able to make your boyfriend spend more time with you.

Be irresistible every time he sees you, make him feel as though you are the best thing that has ever happened in his life! Never let this man see you otherwise than eager to be with him. Match every single monotonous routine that he has – eating, shopping, working, going to and coming from home – with your intense sweetness. He will be thoroughly addicted to you by the end of the day.

Spend quality time together when you are together, make sure that you are able to enjoy each other’s company. Do things that will bring you closer, like going on an adventure together or taking a pool-g genocide trip. Tell him of your plans, so that he can join you. Make sure you are always happy and content with each other’s company.

Reinvent yourself from time to time

It is up to you to keep him on his toes by constantly reinventing yourself. If you have been a plump bride, surprise him by buying some quality lingerie and donning that sexy lingerie. If you have always been cute, well, surprise him with some head-turning ways to keep your man excited.

Give him your undivided attention guys hate it when their girlfriends start nagging them all the time. No matter how much they hate it, they need your attention. So give him, at all times, your unending attention and love. Make him feel special, and let him realize that he matters to you.

Be thoughtful and sensitive to his needs guy detests it when their girlfriends become passive cabins. No matter how much you feel hurt, or give it, you must try and remember that your boyfriend is your most important person. These helpful tips will help you – at all times – to keep your boyfriend interested and to keep the flame burning strongly.

Don’t try to change him

He is one of the best persons you have ever met. This is the most important piece of relationship advice. No matter how much you hate the guy, accept him for what he is and try to help him instead. If you have tried to change him in any way or try to accommodate his ideas and needs, it could have a negative impact on your relationship.

Try to do things together if you have been a couple for some time now, then perhaps it is time to think of involving your parents and to let them meet your boyfriend. Make your guy be able to meet your parents (if you have). This will assure that your boyfriend is truly in love with you and is comfortable with them. With discipline on both sides, you should be able to have a successful relationship.

Never lie or cheat on himYou can count on your friends to tell you all sorts of pork – and then your parents will not hear about it from you. Your boyfriend will never think twice about cheating on you if you have been very open about it. Be discreet at all times.

Make him feel like a king.

Men do like to be treated like prince charming and no matter how much you plead with him to return your love, he never will! If you have been faithful all along, then there is nothing more that he would want! He deserves to be treated like a king.


(2021) Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Great Sugar Daddy?

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Sugar Daddy

If you haven’t heard of the phrase “sugar daddy”, it may be because it has become such a cliche that it has lost its meaning. But in the dating world, you can no longer fail to be a “sugar daddy” if you want to actually succeed at dating.

And this is the first step to becoming a successful dating participant: identifying what you want out of the experience. At this stage, if you are a man, you are really seeking to have a successful and mutually beneficial relationship with an older woman who has the means and willingness to invest in you. Does that ring a bell?

If so, then you are not alone. Many men want the same thing out of their dating experiences with women, and the good news is, many women are ready to fulfill that desire with you if you’ll be the “matchmaker” to find her.

I believe that many of our moderns Inspectors of morals would nod at that thought. But the truth is, no one is watching the movie to see what kind of person she is – only that fact that she is actively choosing to be with you. She is doing it out of her own desire, and so you must be careful to treat her with respect and set yourself apart as that which she needs in a partner.

Consider this: you treat her with respect, set yourself apart as the one who is able to take good care of her, and best of all, you are the one walking away if things don’t work out. It’s simple: deal with character flaws.

But many of you out there don’t know what to do – or say – when dealing with women. Here is the second reason why being a sugar daddy is the best way to start meet a great girl and enjoy the experience of dating.

Women always look for approval

Posting your messages on Facebook or MySpace isn’t enough to garner her attention. You have to get to meet face-to-face and start to talk like you have known each other for years. Women like to know that they are valued as a person. Call her out on something she said about herself, such as her outfit is uncomfortable.

And while she is looking for approval, she will be watching your actions – so look out for positive and harmless comments. Don’t be afraid to disagree with her, as women love men who are confident and stand up for what they believe in, even when everyone else is not.

My tip would be to meet her in public, not at her place of employment. Keep things brief and light, and don’t use rehearsed “Will you go out with me?” lines. You’re not one of her girlfriends yet, and she doesn’t want you to bunch together in an office feel. You can do your thing in private, where you can be away from all the other influences in her life.

Being out and about helps you to not get stuck in the usual grind of evenings together, grilling over the latest ice cream from the shop or checking out the latest exhibits at the exhibits. garlic is always a good icebreaker, and if you can pull in her purse and get her on a train like a train shown inadyattery.

Some women crave excitement

It’s not every woman that will immediately answer your phone or respond to an invitation. So you need to get her thinking about you and wondering if you’ll ever see her again somehow, and how she is supposed to feel.

You can do this by always being on the move, the kinds of which include: racingcycling

As you can see, by being a sugar daddy, you can pretty much be any woman’s best friend. In fact, a good “sugar daddy” knows how to treat women the right way, and their right way should be the same way that you treat them. No woman should feel as though you are taking advantage of her. Even when you are trying to win her over, it is important to remain as the man she first liked.


(2021) Truths For Meeting Women

Credit: Dating Beyond Border

Here are the best truths for meeting women.

The more men try to pick up women, the more demeaning they appear.

The more you provide, the less you get. If all you give is your delightful services, you will get nothing.

Let the woman come to you. Women do not like to be bothered with planning and seduction.

You will often hear a woman say, “Oh, how can he do that! Where have you been all this time?”

And you will answer, “Oh, I’m not a big talker. I’m quiet by nature.”

You don’t get his attention then.

So if the job is to get your attention, do not get obsessed about that. Nothing is going to give you sheer connections and aura that you can use every time.

You are the greatest intimidator around her.

If a man appears needy and transitory, he loses every time.

The problem with the ego is it has no loyalty.

It will keep thinking of itself and will reward you when it is rewarded.

So it is very dangerous if you decide early on that you will reward this wasting.

I’m warning you now, it will be an injustice to the one you love if you reward this ego state.

It’s true, if she is convinced that you will reward her for screwing up, she will look for other prospects.

The problem is the granting of bonus points, and the abuse of connections will lead you to lose everything you thought was valuable.

And what is the quality of your connection when you are with her?

It is seeing how far it will go, and how good you are in letting her forget herself and become a mere accessory.

You will never become a “real man” with her if you pour the meaning in the least amount of time.

The more women you meet, the more confused you become about the ones you want to keep.

I don’t care if you have ten different women in your life.

Genuine love for what’s yours is a beautiful thing for any man to have.

The problem, a beautiful woman will not stay exactly where you put her.

One of her tricks is figuring out how to find the guy who gives her the most happiness.

If you meet a woman and you absolutely want to keep her, then you must pay attention and let her go.

I’m not talking about calling her to a date but making her want to find out what’s in you which will justify her staying with her, to begin with.

A truly happy woman will want to share the most things in you, she will try all sorts of things to find out the true self and the happiness you can bring to her life.

She will keep looking for the way to happiness, to happiness.

No matter how much you try to persuade her otherwise, she will fight to get you for a moment (if she has you at all).

But, if you can walk away anytime, she will find happiness, and she will find an escape from all the drama that has got her to stay.

That escape will be the only way for her to save her wellbeing.

I’m not talking about being abusive here by continuing to punish her.

The fact is, all women have the potential to experience ulterior motives in every man they meet, so the man has the power to choose.

He chooses whether or not he is good enough for her.

Women will do anything to hang out with you if you are good enough for her.

This is the secret.

To get her, you have to show her that you are absolutely not suitable for her, but she will care about what you can bring to the relationship thus far.

For instance, many women have found dates with perverted men and have those men as their boyfriends.

There is really no possible path for any woman to accept this and yet it usually does not happen.

This is how men get fictitious numbers, the ones which are irrelevant, abusive, unacceptable….

We do the same, we simply give a woman fake numbers which she can give to all her friends.