What Guys Want In A Woman

A Slashing intro to What Guys Want In A Woman

When asked what guys want in a woman, most women have a story to tell. Attractive women, likable and self-assured women, have suffered through everything from heartbreak to recluse who have never received a card or e-mail from a single man. In their telling, these victims of heartbreak are a constant hot commodity whose time is ripe for the picking. “Players” navigate the game of love in nifty ways that ensure lots of dates and lots of love later.

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We’re all familiar with the pitch, but few of us have learned how to play the game in a way that favors the seducer. “What guys want in a woman,” the pitch will surely say. How males must master the art of seduction if they are to compete and win at the dating game.

The question is: how does one become a player in the dating game? The answer is simple. Every time you go out, try to talk to three people, but focus your attention on the person you are trying to flirt with as much as possible. Do not even allow yourself to think about possible dating relationships. Keep in mind that for your opportunity to surface, you must keep your romantic interest level at a nine or above. Are your conversations filled with flirtation, passion, sentimental valentines, and laughter? If so, you are on the right track. Continue to read this column and learn how and why to charm a lover.

Confidence is Key

If you are going out on the town with the mindset of “what guys want in a woman”, it will be difficult to approach those who approach you. Confidence influences people to think that potential dating partners are more likely to be available, intelligent, and stable.

An average looking, nervous soul will be less likely to attract a suitor than a self-assured, patient man. With guys, it is often different. Outwardly confident men often give off the impression that they have no trouble getting with girls. On the contrary, quiet, timid men often go unnoticed because they use phrases like “excuse me” or “sorry” so often in conversations. To breakthrough, an indifferent approach is better for development rather than an attitude that will surely find a date.


Never underestimate the power of Smile. Some men can look unapproachable with their cold, unfeeling eyes while those with a warm, sincere smile instantly draw attention. An interested man will respond when you have not accidentally brought up something he would rather not discuss. Giving him an indication of your interest is a good start.


A man’s sense of smell is a powerful and tendentious way to tell about his feelings. A man cannot be considered just attracted to you due to your appearance. He may also feel the same way about your smells. Studies confirm that men are more attuned to female profiles when they are dressed and smelling good. You do not have to be a trailblazer to take advantage of this fact. Ordinary deodorant can still work with your current hairstyle so always be aware.

Your Body

The ex appearance of women has always been viewed as sexier. Long legs let you exude confidence, something science and sociological studies prove. sleepless nights are testimonial enough to confirm it. Now, we do not wish to suggest that this is the sole reason for our success in relationships but sleepless nights are generally believed to be uncomfortable under the collar and to have sexual undertones. In befriending men, we need to assume that they are similarly insecure. No man wants to be dealing with an excessively possessive girlfriend. While we encourage men to be confident, we do not wish to encourage nervousness.

We All Get Nervous

It is part of being human. Women and men both have the ability to be anxious for different reasons. Obviously, women are generally more anxious in affairs of romance. Those women that are anxious are not usually confident.

As a gender, women talk more than men do and although men are more motivated in the business world, women love to talk. We like to immerse ourselves in a conversation. These are the conversationalists among us. When a man meets a woman, he is interested in more than just light conversation. He is generally more interested in more than just sex because it is very personal with a woman.

There is no definite reason as to why some men are successful in romance, but there are several proven ways of attracting men. Definitely, if you are unsure of what men want, you can always do the research to find out.


(2021) The Easy Smile

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Ever notice your friend confidently approach a girl in a bar, and simply walk away without so much as a glance back or smile, while you try to figure out what he was up to? Well, that’s not necessarily the joke. It’s more of a silly practical joke of a way of being.

You see, most human beings shoot themselves in the foot. Now, this can be select to buttons that we have pushed in our brains since birth, but the basic fact is, we shoot ourselves in the foot. We will not simply accept the fact that we are being approached. If we do, then we hide behind the shield of unfounded security.

That’s right, we have the tendency to automatically become self-defeating because we fear rejection. As I have mentioned in prior articles, we usually have ego rumination syndrome. So yes, it’s up to a guy to be proactive and approach a woman, and yes, even the coward within us, to get into the “Moving Around Presentation”.

Don’t be afraid to contribute to the conversation when a woman is talking, especially if you are a woman. In other words, share your experiences and advice. If you want to touch on a point that she is making, by all means, let her know that it is related to her. If you have a topic that she simply can’t get off her mind… share your stories about that topic. In other words, open up your minds and your stars.

Smile Benefits

Women, ESPECIALLY HOT WOMEN, are constantly on the lookout for guys that will contribute to the conversation. By simply carrying on this conversation, even after she has herself become overwhelmed with other thoughts– has had too much to drink, has spent the last hour tweak trying to do her hair just right, or put herself on the gym trying to loosen up her clothes.

She needs you to participate in the flow of the conversation because women by nature need emotional stimulation.

Keeping this simple is the easiest way of beating approach anxiety. Your costs are labor and effort, and she irrefutable gain a relaxed state of mind and heart, plus a bond built over time. You do start with a smile and see it turns a woman off more than not.

I’ve done hundreds of approaches in the past as a matter of fact, and they don’t always end up the way I wanted, ended up in a gold dig rather than a relationship. But instead of the issue and adjustments, I talk about it as if it were handled effortlessly. It should be automatic like it should have nothing to offer with regards to its performance. You don’t have to blink to know it’s working to send the message.

I’d like to say that the problem is that people to this day, especially men, don’t know what women want and they do it solely on a sexual level, rather than a loving one. So they shoot themselves in the foot without even knowing it. They end up approaching a woman who is not in the mood, or simply one who is out of her element, to make a new buddy rather than an actual mate.

This is a very painful thing to endure, and if you aren’t the type of guy to put up with that, then I suppose you don’t want to deal with women rejecting you. But the truth of the matter is that there are ways to approach a woman, and not the least of which is the approach anxiety that plague so many human beings.

I do feel a certain amount of altruism in wanting to help out those less fortunate than myself, and that I try to help men such as this by educating them on a few do’s and don’ts when interacting with beautiful women. The more men know about this, the better, and ultimately it is their responsibility to disappear the issue once and for all and overcome this self-imposed bias. I just hope they are willing to put in the time and effort to learn from me and become better at this part of their lives as it applies specifically to meeting women.