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Make Him Want You – The Biggest Turn-Ons for Men

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The Biggest Turn-Ons for Men

Do you know the biggest turn-ons for men? What can turn a guy on that isn’t even that appealing? Aren’t you tired of not having good relationships and looking for the next best thing to do? We have some great dating advice for you. This is the sure way to turn him on – don’t you think?

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If you think that the biggest turn-ons for men are dating a hot girl and getting sexual, then you are so wrong. Really the biggest turn-ons are much deeper than that. If you want to turn him on, be a powerful woman who is comfortable with herself.

Of course, it is acceptable in a relationship to want to look good and turn him on physically. However, if want to turn him on in the right way, then do it with your inner world, not your outer world.

Personality is the inner world.

Follow these tips to have the kind of personality that will really turn him on:

a. Are you nice & kind to everyone?

b. Do you help those in need?

c. Do you make him happy?

d. Can you say no to a man?

e. Do you put yourself first?

f. Are you happy?

  1. Your hair and make up are very important charms to use.

Your Hair and your Make up

Because so many women do not know how to keep their hair looking great, many times they are not able to find the hair style that is right for them. What do you consider your best feature?

a. Are you able to play with it?

b. How do you organize it?

c. Do you go to good hair salons?

d. Have you tried starting a new style?

e. Is it naturally curled or shaped?

f. Is it wavy, curly, straight?

g. What color is your hair/mustache/mustache hairs?

Hair Care

a. How long has it been cared for?

b. Do you wash it every day?

c. If you were to choose a hair style, which one is best for you?

d. What is the last color you had?

e. What are your hottest hairstyles?

  1. What do you consider your best feature?

a. Your eyes.

b. Your nose or ears.

c. Your lips.

Terrific Tricks to Turn a Guy On!

  1. Put him under your spell. Read him with your eyes. Many women make the mistake of looking away when they have his eyes on them.
  2. Send him a present that reminds him of you. (“Go to.”) This is a sure trick to turn him on. (“Be this.”)
  3. Braitaching. (What a French word!) Trick:raitach, meaning “brace” your man while you look at him and do not say a word. He will not be able to help it but notice you and clean up your mess. (Still going strong!)
  4. Tell him how sexy he looks in that new shirt. (Really!) This is a great one. Tell him, with a secret naughty smile on your face while your wardrobe is repairing itself. No, we are not talking about your underarms and your think lets face it-he will not have his mind off you for long.
  5. Brush up on current affairs. You do not want to look like a bump on a log, or an idiot. Time to brush up on what is going on all over the world. He will appreciate a intelligent conversation, a dialogue, a brief summary of the day. This is important to men.
  6. Tease him. (All the time.) You have the greatest hair on the planet, and possibly, all time. Take advantage of it. Roll your eyes and do not be afraid to show some personality. You are all woman and that means you have that sexy laugh, you are fabulous at air guitar, and you are silly.
  7. Kiss him-a lot. It is the ultimate turn on to almost every guy. Not enough hair, there is nothing there but tons of it. Men just want a bit of toss to make them feel good.

Making him want you is easy! Not being turned on is what you are working to achieve. There are ways to do it. quire yourself about him, really seek day and night, and not just days or weeks.

If you can make him feel great, he will respond.

Now get out there and turn on a guy.

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