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Have Him Do The Chasing – Here’s How To Turn The Chase Around

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Are you fed up with always being the one to go after a guy you like?

Wouldn’t you like to turn the tables and have him do the chasing? Wouldn’t you like to turn relationships around like they were complete faro? Well, read on, and hopefully, you’ll come to see that this can be done. For starters, you’ll have to begin thinking of male psychology and how to get into the mind of a man to use to your advantage.

It may be difficult if you are the type who is in what you call a relationship even though you don’t much like it. But, it’s far from impossible. There may be some relationships that need to be thrown out of the window, but if you are sitting in the corner and watching, they can’t do too much.

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Here are some ideas.

accessory yourself

If you are with a guy who likes to do all the pursuing, get yourself a bit of hair-do and spend some money to get it done. Get your nails done and get a new wardrobe. It won’t be the nice new dress you are dreaming of, to the new hairstyle you are getting. This is going to cost money, but it’s worth it.

Got him in the club

Don’t think that it’s cute for the guy to buy you flowers at the door and pop open the pickle wedge he picked at the local market. That is showing way too much preview for a man to be comfortable with receiving those gestures.

This does not mean that you are going to act stale all the time. In fact, as long as the two of you know how to have fun, perhaps a new style of dancing, or a new magazine at the checkout counter at the grocery store, then you are on the right track.

Got him on a date

In order to have him do the chasing, you are going to have to show you really did enjoy his company. Guys like to be wanted and need to feel special. So, while you are telling him all about your wonderful qualities and trying to sell him on the idea of having a 2nd date with you, keep from talking too much about yourself.


Enjoy the whispering game

While you’re talking, gently whisper things to him like those needed flattering comments you always intended to, under the radar, and then gently brush your hand over his arm, or shoot him a sexy look from the corner of your eyes.

Sounds creepy, sure, but he will think he actually likes it, and then maybe he will ask to do more and just learn from his mistakes. At least, you have succeeded in making him do what you wanted to!

Maintain your self-confidence

When he may ask about your intentions and if he asks how you would like to go out sometime, do not say no or put him off. Remain cheerful and upbeat, make a good impression, and say yes.

Many women say no to the guy on the date and then complain after a week that she’s just not interested. By now, my guess is, you can guess what happens – they get so far, lost in each other’s eyes and their stories about their experiences, bored with each other and it’s all over. By staying at your own pace and not by dropping all the hints, you can keep it fun and interesting.

Ease his anxiety

Try to find movies that both of you enjoy and suggest you watch them at home. Don’t have to talk too much about it or complain about what you did over the weekend, relax and enjoy yourself. Females tend to complain more and more, men are more reserved.

Stay interested in what he’s saying. Not all stories need to be told everywhere and at every time. Tell a few jokes, laugh at his jokes, tell a few stories about you and your friends, but don’t be too gushy about your own life and conversation.

Keep it fun

Relax and enjoy this new experience of seeing him and talking to him and. Men aren’t as cyber-savvy as we are, so a few emails back and forth can keep things fresh.

Keep the flirting classy and don’t forget how to be ladylike. Flirting in a public space is a totally different event than flirting for one purpose or another and men don’t find pestering sweet creatures attractive. So do a little subtle flirting at casual social gatherings and continue with more at your regular dating events.

These options might seem relatively cliche, but the most successful relationships and most long-lasting relationships start with a few basics that many people overlook, while forgetting that a relationship is all about emotions, not just the bare minimum. Play it right and you will be placing yourself right in the heart of a new and interesting relationship.

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