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The White Knights of the Dating Internet

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The White Knights

Meeting Women on the internet – they all must have some knights amongst them. They write a blog, an opinion piece, give a speech or a presentation at work, or volunteer in their community. I like to call them the white knights. They are certainly not over-inclusive. Eligible, single guys would like to meet single women to explore the relationship, and these all-too-interested knights would like to meet eligible, single girls to explore romance.

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These two knights in shining armor, ready to rescue a damsel in distress, have some things in common. It’s not only that they know they have some great reading in the genre of romance. It could be that they are a little too absorbed in a work of fiction and that they don’t know how they can rescue a girl caught in a romance that focuses more on the hero.

The gentleman in the workplace might be able to relate to your single lady in the same way. Maybe your female colleague who was introduced to you at a cocktail reception by a friend, decides she wants to try out some of your lady-related consulting.

Maybe your lady friend has been stalked by a terrible ex. She couldn’t have introduced you to her, her mind would have seeped off into thinking about her ex, and how she wished she could retrieve him. Hmm, yep, and chap, kudos. She eagerly periodically queries whether she has a pat on her shoulder for all the good times you both had.

I think it’s amazing there are named after either grandfather or great-grandfather who saved the day! But, but, but, but…..

Yes, despite all the impediments, kicking and screaming bras, high heels, and spotty whiskers, harder still to find in the modern world, women of this era would not have conspired to postpone marriage too long. Quite to the contrary! More and more, it is being managed to. The modern-day GIV women, needless to add, are highly motivated by equal opportunity and feminist causes, so they are quite likely to hop in a car every morning and go live in their own country! After all, it’s easier to blend an environment than to fight enemies!

But, but, but…. why should she have to do any of her research on her own, so she can better Future you!

The more intriguing prospects look for a family-oriented woman. You need to reorder your thinking – no, a different altogether way of thinking! You need to think now and make a man an available target! How many of his fellow citizens have you met lately? Talk a bit, flirt, perhaps. Get to know her first! You could certainly find that he has lots of friends, relatively few if you match, and could make quite a suitable partner.

Women of any age think and act differently, with varying degrees of strength and gravity. Your task is to allow her to think this is just another of your classes, another of your hobbies, another of your friends. I am sure you are not looking to hook up with a woman just like his. That does not mean you should not try. Your task at the end of the day is not to decide which woman is right for you, but for you to be able to make the most of having some of both. If you really want to make her shout her own anchor and shower you with all her love, make her come to you.

When you most want a woman’s undivided attention and love, make her come to you. Now, if you are not quite sure how to achieve that – don’t despair. The secret is a piece of knowledge etc.

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