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(2021) What to Do When Your Man Doesn’t Desire You Anymore Sexually?

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Here’s What You Need to Do If Your Man Doesn’t Desire You Anymore Sexually

After the initial stages of seduction and intimacy have been established you do get the feeling that it is time the two of you take things to the next level. The first sign of lack of interest however is always the easiest call. A closer inspection of the situation will reveal the signs like him leaning further away from you or longer than usual yawns.

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Lack of interest is similar to his interest. Intrigue is the fights and arguments he has after you’ve been intimate with him. They normally begin with “Why don’t you….?” or “You want….?” The slowly expanding displays his worry and concern over the issue.

He may start losing his interest in you before the intimacy escalates. He would seem happier when the two of you are not together. He would have more time to work or sleep or his calls. He may not attend parties where you are planning to glom on each other. His hyperactive and excitable behavior will gradually intensify.

Sex will still be on his mind the reason for his lack of interest could be because he is pressured and troubled about the future. He is unsure of your feelings for him and is afraid of losing you after the intimacy that has brought you closer.

He is unhappy because he is afraid of the change. The initial intimacy may have been a meaningful step in establishing a sustainable relationship. He is not sure if he will also share the same feelings and intimacy. Hence he lacks confidence.

He senses that things are wrong. Nothing pleases him more than being another day and yet he cannot seem to open his heart and show you that he loves you. Sometimes it has nothing to do with physical intimacy; it could be a misunderstanding and the signs are quite subtle.

There is no mystery left the couples’ dynamics changes and there is no place for mystery. Now there is nothing to be explored for him and he doesn’t have any hidden agendas where you are concerned. This makes intimacy less innovative and exciting for him.

Goes into a shell. If the earlier times were filled with excitement and fun, there is no reason for him to become dormant and sober. If there has been a change of heart, he has the tendency of going into a shell where he will stay locked with his feelings and emotions.

He has been hurt by an abusive partner earlier. His previous partner may have abused him or altered his life by being domineering and not listening to him. He has old feelings that have not been resolved and are avoiding dealing with this by being distant emotionally.

He does not want to commit. It could be that he is not willing to commit to a long-term relationship as he has a fear of being tied down. His fears may be behind him intimidating him to enjoy a relationship that he fears losing his single status.

He needs time out. He may not want to become part of a couple when he is in his early 20’s. It may be that he is still exploring and developing his identity and does not want to be bound by any binds. Sometimes a time out will enable him to evaluate himself if he is confident enough to share a life with you.

He is in the retraining setup and needs time to think things over

The answer for most of the above scenarios could be by way of a rethink to get your identity back, get your buried emotions dealt with, reflect on the past and make the right decisions. If rethinking is needed, friendship and support could work motorway.

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You have been going through this depression phase right now but there is no reason for you to stay mope around. It is important that you channel all negative energy and thoughts to the toilet where they will be charged into positive and productive thought. Cheers, and lighten up!

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