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Should You Give Him a Challenge?

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Give Him a Challenge? It is ok?

Is giving him a challenge too late and this is the best way to end it? Should you challenge him and work to make him chase that toughness? How can you make yourself more desirable to a man? Should you refuse to be romantic and crave for him to make a move? Should you refuse to go on a romantic date and insist that you go out and do something else?

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All of these questions can be answered negatively. As hard as it can be to be so self-conscious and reserved, sometimes it is better to be shy and hold back rather than to let him allure you and make you dance to his tune.

Let’s face it, guys like to be challenged. Their self-esteem is Boosted when a girl proves to them that she is tough to get. Believe it or not, he actually wants you to challenge him and make him work for your affection.


Men are born for hunting. How do they do it? They have been trained to it by their fathers. At an early age, they are shown how to find their way to a woman with the proper tool. For many men finding their way into women is like an inherent hunt that they need to succeed in.

Are you giving him the challenge?

Giving him the challenge is actually the best way to end things and let you both part ways. A chance encounter in the hallway or a casual conversation during lunch or a cold, windy, or snowstorm will be the perfect setting to challenge him once again. Hitting him lightly or telling him that he is up to no good during a playful argument will increase your challenge, but hitting him while he is busy with something else, will likely end it.

Why he wants the challenge…

The most common reason why he wants the challenge is that he needs to win something. Maybe he wants the girl to turn her nose at him so he can feel ‘master’ of the territory. Or maybe the challenge is someone he just wants to be friends with. Challenging him is a way of stimulating his ego. It makes him feel as though he is on top of the world despite it being just one more thing the guy has against him.

How to be a Challenge

Being a challenge can be as simple as variation in yourself. It can be changing your dress a certain way or wearing a certain hair. A challenge can be pictured in those things that you are afraid to try or those that you have always wanted to but afraid to say because they would laugh at you or you might face the humiliation of being laughed at. Learning to be a challenge is one way of challenging yourself to learn new things and have new experiences. And the very best part is that once you have grown enough to begin to be self-years they will challenge you to never stop challenging.

Combining these challenge traits into your own personality by acting tough and playful is a way of appealing to him. For example, a challenge of saying hi is something that is feminine, and saying there is something I want to tell you but first I need your name is something that is a challenge. It is the pursuit of self that will become your calling card. He will be challenged to pursue you because you are not an easy target.

Combining these attraction traits is a powerful way to raise your appeal to him. By combining your fearlessness with your desire and your confidence you will have found a way to raise your resting heart and stimulate all parts of your being. Think about it… you need to check yourself as you go through life and remember those times were challenges that allowed you to learn and grow. Your new attitude now should be a question of how you can take what you have learned and live again. The romance of your first encounter was all a chase to finally land in the arms of your true love.

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