Getting a Commitment From Him – Three Invitations To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

How to get a commitment from him

If you are lucky then you found the right man, but you just keep on getting stuck in the friend zone, and he can’t give you that commitment you deserve. But this does not mean you give up trying to break out of the friend zone, because it is actually an inviting and comfortable zone to be in if you know how to set the rules to free yourself from the friend zone.

So for those of you wondering “how to get a commitment from him”, I have good news for you, it is actually very simple to do, and almost every guy you knew has done this at least once in their life. What I am going to share with you is really not that hard to do. I am just making it more presentable for you to do it.

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What do I mean by doing the transition from friend to girlfriend? Well simply, to become his girlfriend and boyfriend, you just have to tell him how you feel about him, and how you want to be more than just friends. How to do it? I just have to ask a few questions here, so that you can be guided in the right direction…

So for those of you who have just been friends with this guy for a while, and just came to know that he is your dream man, you can take this path of courage and just go tell him how you feel, because he will be able to connect your feelings with his, therefore you can be guaranteed that it is going to work out.

But you need to be serious and must think it through, because if you say it without full enthusiasm, then it will sound like you are forcing it and less likely to work out. Use humor and be confident, and tell it like it is! Say it even if you are not feeling like it, because you know what he will be thinking. Guys are more easily stimulated when you are not feeling themselves, so you will boost his ego and he will start feeling happy around you.

So above everything else, do not think of getting a commitment from him, because that is not what you are looking for in the first place. Take your time and be sincere and he will respect you for being the unique girlfriend that you are.

Now that you know how to do it, I am sure you have already thought of ways you can help this guy strengthen his commitment to you, and here is how you can do it:

When you have the opportunity to be together, help him find out what makes you tick, what´s important to you, what you want out of life, your passions, whatever it is for you, so that you can share your dreams and aspirations with him and by doing this, he will come to see you in an entirely new light.

Since we have just defined fidelity as honesty, then you can truly show how much you care by being honest with your guy. Now I ask myself, what is the most important thing in the world, someone who is trying to help and connect with you or someone who is just following the normal routine and has absolutely no heart? Ask this question to yourself, and be the first one to approach you, perhaps even have the courage to help him sort out his own issues.

Helping him to understand himself will help you be truthful with him which will, in turn, help you be honest with him. Wouldn´t it be wonderful if we can all be like age, open and honest? Even the smallest gestures of being friendly and open can tell so much about someone, and allow him to connect with you.

So the biggest question is not “how to flirt”, but “how can I help my guy to flirt?”. If I can imagine it, he has probably already thought about it many times, so start being a dream wife for him, and don´t just sit back waiting for him to want it, remember this is a two way relationship that needs effort, start now by being honest and true to him. Have fun!

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Planning a Fun Date Night

Fun Date Night

Dating is fun but like anything else in life, there is a cost. Whether you’re on a first date with an online dating site Curvy Girl or an hour into your third date with Single Dad, there are always ways to plan dates that can make the most of your time plus extra money.

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Fun date are great because they are light, enable you to see your date and have some fun all at the same time and some can be a little expensive. Here are a few suggestions to easily plan your fun first date.

We make our best selections about 3 days in advance. If you don’t select something by then, it was too late and wouldn’t have worked. You would have been presented with an option to choose another option but you couldn’t because it was too late. You never know when the cute, fun, single older women will pop up.

My preferred location for a first date is casual and intimate but not your normal first date where you sit at a table and eat your food, staring at your date. You sit at a coffee or tea house drinking your coffee and chatting. It allows you to have your full body appearance and you have the privacy to look at your date. We don’t know who we will see the whole night, but we will be focusing on your date. It keeps you away from those awkward silent moments.

We always talk about movies or concerts to plan a date but there are so many to choose from that we sometimes aren’t aware of. So we go for a classic route and go to a movie or concert. A utilized movie theater is a construction, allowing full-body pictures and an aisle seat. The show is over in about 2 hours, 2 tables across and up an aisle, you have a great view of everything and anyone that walks by is a potential meeting. This is also a great way, if you can afford it, to meet someone else for a date but not a good idea for a first date in general.

We make our decisions quickly and the last thing we want to do is stress you or yourself out on a date. So on a first date, try to avoid anything too personal such as talking about the size of your family or the number of children you have. Don’t talk about the number of people that live with you or that share your financial situation. These all might make you paranoid. You don’t know if they live with you or they are simplyAngelin1 or even your best friend.

Talking about yourself is also a big no-no on a date. We all have great stories to tell but throwing them at your date is a huge turn off. It’s okay to talk a little about yourself but don’t dominate the conversation and make it all about you. You are having a date with someone you should be asking about, not telling everything about you.

We also tend to be judged with our dates. Not all people can be as perfect as we wish they were. Your date will have imperfections, just as you do. It’s part of growing up and it’s part of finding the right person for you. Part of this growth includes not being too critical with yourself or others. Not being too judgmental is a great way to go, as it will help you find that wonderful person and on many levels.

However, being too observational about others and not a plus for your chines. Your main focus should be on your date. Not on what others might have to say about them. Not on finding the flaws of others.

Being too judgmental also includes taking over a relationship too quickly. Loving quickly is always a bad idea. It leads to loneliness and a shallow relationship. Even if you skip the marriageyson style, it’s a sign you might be growing out of touch with reality.

Try practicing kindness and being understanding.

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The White Knights of the Dating Internet

The White Knights

Meeting Women on the internet – they all must have some knights amongst them. They write a blog, an opinion piece, give a speech or a presentation at work, or volunteer in their community. I like to call them the white knights. They are certainly not over-inclusive. Eligible, single guys would like to meet single women to explore the relationship, and these all-too-interested knights would like to meet eligible, single girls to explore romance.

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These two knights in shining armor, ready to rescue a damsel in distress, have some things in common. It’s not only that they know they have some great reading in the genre of romance. It could be that they are a little too absorbed in a work of fiction and that they don’t know how they can rescue a girl caught in a romance that focuses more on the hero.

The gentleman in the workplace might be able to relate to your single lady in the same way. Maybe your female colleague who was introduced to you at a cocktail reception by a friend, decides she wants to try out some of your lady-related consulting.

Maybe your lady friend has been stalked by a terrible ex. She couldn’t have introduced you to her, her mind would have seeped off into thinking about her ex, and how she wished she could retrieve him. Hmm, yep, and chap, kudos. She eagerly periodically queries whether she has a pat on her shoulder for all the good times you both had.

I think it’s amazing there are named after either grandfather or great-grandfather who saved the day! But, but, but, but…..

Yes, despite all the impediments, kicking and screaming bras, high heels, and spotty whiskers, harder still to find in the modern world, women of this era would not have conspired to postpone marriage too long. Quite to the contrary! More and more, it is being managed to. The modern-day GIV women, needless to add, are highly motivated by equal opportunity and feminist causes, so they are quite likely to hop in a car every morning and go live in their own country! After all, it’s easier to blend an environment than to fight enemies!

But, but, but…. why should she have to do any of her research on her own, so she can better Future you!

The more intriguing prospects look for a family-oriented woman. You need to reorder your thinking – no, a different altogether way of thinking! You need to think now and make a man an available target! How many of his fellow citizens have you met lately? Talk a bit, flirt, perhaps. Get to know her first! You could certainly find that he has lots of friends, relatively few if you match, and could make quite a suitable partner.

Women of any age think and act differently, with varying degrees of strength and gravity. Your task is to allow her to think this is just another of your classes, another of your hobbies, another of your friends. I am sure you are not looking to hook up with a woman just like his. That does not mean you should not try. Your task at the end of the day is not to decide which woman is right for you, but for you to be able to make the most of having some of both. If you really want to make her shout her own anchor and shower you with all her love, make her come to you.

When you most want a woman’s undivided attention and love, make her come to you. Now, if you are not quite sure how to achieve that – don’t despair. The secret is a piece of knowledge etc.

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The Nice Guy Syndrome And The Needy Guy Syndrome

Nice Guy Syndrome

Once you have decided you need to change and become a ladies’ man you may be wondering which traits you should diminish. You could be a very good friend to her, but she will surely not consider you as a catch should you show her traits of being over possessive, possessive, manipulative, jealous and so many other traits that are considered bad manners.

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While it is true some of these traits fit into the nice guy category, you do not want to be the nice guy. Being the nice guy will get you nowhere fast, as he is great at taking simple favors such as ordering a drink for her, and dropping her home.

The bad news is that there are a number of guys that fit the nice guy persona. These guys rule the dating scene, and many women consider them to be one of the best dates they have ever been on. They are considered to be of great character and have an infectious charm that makes them irresistible to women of all ages.

Sad to say, though, that these same women seldom consider these men for a long term relationship. Why is it that the nice guy is not considered a long-term boyfriend?

Well, it all comes down to his traits of being over possessive, possessive, manipulative, jealous, and emotionally needy. Yes, these are all the same traits that women find attractive and Mr. Nice Guy is no exception. On the other hand, the nice guy is known to be of great character and to be friendly and thoughtful. He will not consider moving too far with any woman that he has formed a strong bond. These traits, along with his friendly disposition, make him appealing and intriguing to women of all ages.

Now, in contrast, what keeps women from finding him attractive? It is all in the way he communicates. For one, he is too passive. Meeting a woman’s need for attention, he is happy to oblige at first, but will soon turn away and would rather not communicate with her. He will not ask her out. He will not consider buying her a present or taking her on a date. When he is in a relationship with a woman, generally he will not initiate sex, he will wait for her to initiate it.

This passive role that he plays, makes women think that these are the ways in which men communicate and share feelings with each other. On the other hand, there are men who are honest, direct, fun-loving, generous and so many other great traits and characteristics that make them the man to marry. These men are not afraid to share their opinions. They are also more willing to simply have a woman and to treat her with respect.

So, which one is better? I think if you can answer that question, then you will have a decisive answer; you just need to find the right woman. When selecting a mate for a long-term relationship, the key is to find a woman that you can have a great relationship. Your choice of a life partner should be someone who has the same dreams and aspirations, but that also has the willingness to fulfill these dreams and aspirations.

If indeed Mr. Nice Guy wishes to find a woman to share his life with, he has definitely found the right person. On the other hand, if he finds that his potential life partner is not someone he can have a relationship with, then he has found a reason to live and enjoy the single life.

Perhaps the reason why he is not finding this common partner is that he is simply picking the wrong person. He does not have a firm grasp of the female nature and psyche. More likely is this is a case of mistaken attraction.

As a guy out there, it is now your responsibility and responsibility only to learn more about the lady you are interested in. She too needs to learn a few things about navigation, tone, body language, human psychology, and what a man wants.

Once you have made the corrective, there may be nothing that the two of you can do. It is the period of ‘ searching’ (you might just call it), where you both are concerned. During this period of searching; you are the one who has to prove something about your sensitive side.

Within this period your chemistry might break down and your non-verbal and verbal communications might seem less sharp. Therefore, what I suggest is having a plan of action. This action is to be taken when you have been able to break the cycle of simply talking to each other all throughout the searching phase.

Having a plan is an area of fidelity and active ankles! Over the years it has been demonstrated that relationships are based on fidelity and trust, while anything else fades away. I agree because how can you expect to be a good wife or husband if you are not a good conversationalist?

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How to Attract a Handsome Man! Cool Techniques to Totally Seduce Him & Make Him Want You Instantly

How to Attract a Handsome Man?

You have seen the guy who just cannot take his eyes off the woman in the bar. The only fix is that she is way out-of-this-league pretty and rich. If you want to know how to attract such a man here’s what you should be doing.

Bringing in some sanity just because his face looks like that of a blip doesn’t mean that he is going to be fixated on any woman who approaches his area of interest. Identify the reason behind this and get back in your own league by standing apart from the crowd.

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Take him seriously the most obvious thing that you must do to attract him is to look super gorgeous. So, dress your best and get the latest right dress. Have your face, hair and skin treated to perfection by a professional image consultant. Nothing works better than a truly stunning look.

Wear something daringly sexy your first accessory must have to be something that is sizzling hot. So wear something that is somewhere between a nightclub dress and a pair of crosses between Ski Wear and an evening gown. This will conjure the shivers in him and will make him take notice of you.

Work on your body language if you are using the cross-neck style top with a plunging neckline and high heels then you are asking for trouble. Sure your target is going to notice you and take note of your body. You have to give him the right signal by using body language that does not look flirty. So at one point cross your legs in his direction while still in your top.

Start a genuine conversation don’t just talk to him in a sexy voice and nervously laugh and nod. You want to creep him out and make him slightly uncomfortable. Making small talk and maintaining a two-way conversation will give you a chance to make his move and interest in you.

Single him out when he comes into your company make sure you single him out from the rest of the crowd. Give him all the attention and focus and complement him honestly for all that he has achieved and continues to achieve. He will be pleased that you have picked him out of the crowd.

Don’t make him feel castrated not go overboard in complimenting him. There is no point in making him feel like he is the most handsome and hunk in the crowd if you are too unimpressive. Instead, compliment what he is wearing and make him feel wanted and loved.

Take him to the dance floor now that you have attracted him you will be taking him to the dance floor. Take the opportunity of asking him to dance with you. His response will demonstrate your interest in him and he too will dance with you. This is the perfect opportunity to take the next step.

Seduce him after having a superb evening on the dance floor, there is no harm in turning things a bit hotter by joining him in the curvature of your body. Talk to him and flirt with him – he should not feel the sting of your scrutiny.

Lead him into a warm and gentle kissBe patient, if you are sure that he is into you and would like to arouse you physically, do not rush him. It is important to take your time and make the move gentle in your approach. Maybe you could plant a kiss on his cheek the next time you meet and leave it there.

Brush yourself after the heady times it is of no use coming out of the shower looking awful. It is important to have a shave, visit your parlor and get a proper dress. It is not necessary to invest in an expensive dress but it better should be a decent one.

Act accordingly there is no point in acting coy all the time. In the real world, you will not get an acknowledgment directly. Give him his dose of belief by making him feel confident of your interest in him. At the same time display your independence.

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