When Dating What Do Women Find Attractive In Men?

Why do women seek attractive men?

Virtually every man has been involved in at least one dating or relationship failure. You get through a lot of nothing (or next to nothing) and don’t really understand why this happens to you.

I get this now and then and have even asked female friends of mine to explain the way that they interpret their boyfriends’ behavior.

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My girlfriends always tell me that it’s the little things they find attractive in a man, such as:

  • Ignoring a woman when she’s trying to test you-Giving you 100% of your attention after the first few minutes
  • Constantly seeking for approval
  • Wanting sex, even when you only invite him to give you His mobile number

This is not really the meaning of being attractive to women nor the way most men understand it.

The big issue is that these behavior patterns are deeply psychologically challenging for a woman to arouse attraction against you.

Now, before you go out and buy a guide for cheesy men who use this behavior pattern, do yourself a favor. Men don’t need you to teach them what behavior is attractive to a woman because they have been doing this stuff their entire lives and will continue to do it. They are your success and failure when it comes to dating and relationships.

The only way for you to have success in your dating life is to first acknowledge the fact that you are not succeeding with women and take responsibility for your failures. The only way to get good at something is to practice, practice and practice.

If you have been putting up with this nonsense, there is only one solution… Apply relational dynamics to all of your behaviors that pertain to women.

To sum it all up, you have to unlearn your copied behaviorsandritten socially programmed behaviors in every area of your life.

Be consistent in your efforts and never stop trying. You cannot be satisfied with “doing it right this time” or with “being me” or with “just wait for it to happen”.

The only way to become good with women is to consistently be committed to this process of continuous learning, practice, and application.

inner game, body language, conversation skills, pop culture points.

  • your social status
  • your income level
  • your physical savvy
  • your fashion sense


A Simple Test To Find Out Whether You Are Compatible With Her Or Not

Let’s say you have a friend and she truly seems to like to pick on you.

Let’s say further still that she actively pursues to bring it up in every conversation you and she is very difficult to get a date with.

This can suggest two things.

  1. Either you have really hurt her feelings or she is a hard person.

What’s the difference?

My recommendation is to go with your first gut feeling.

Most people have NO IDEA what they like about another person!

Really, it’s all about being real about the person you’re attracted to and the person who is attracted to you.

If, for example, you don’t like that person when you are talking to them and you don’t even like them when you see them, it’s a GOOD sign, my friend!

That’s a big NO!

In fact, that would disqualify her as a possible partner from another standpoint (although that’s not what you want or need, I’m just exercising a bad manners principle!).

  1. A woman who IS interested in you as more than a friend is going to make it OBVIOUS that that is the case.

By that, I REALLY mean that she has asked you a slew of friendship questions, but is asking them in a way as though she wants to know whether you have a girlfriend.

You might ask how someone as socially confident as you is doing this.

And they are NOT speaking in a secretive or devious way.

They are speaking in a very open and sincere way that acknowledges how you feel about her.

And the way she is asking these questions is a way that shows whether she sees you JUST as a friend or as a possible boyfriend.

I have to say that it can get really ugly when a woman we want to be friends with needs to see you again and again before she can decide what she wants to do.

That’s why it is important to always let women know early on what their intentions are.

If you want something, let them know.

If you want to be just friends, then you let them know ahead of time.

And if you want to be friends AND potential partners, then make it OBVIOUS as well. It doesn’t matter how much you want to be more than friends.

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5 Things You Must Do If You Want to Date Older Women

Every guy is looking for something different in a relationship. One common fantasy among men is dating older women who are sexy, desirable, and supportive. Some men are attracted to older women who are more serious and independent.

There are also men who like dating women who are psychologically weak and vulnerable, such as those who have experienced a bad relationship. When it comes to dating women, the rules of the game changes and it is a bit more complicated. However, if you want to pursue and date older women, there are certain rules that you will have to follow.

5 Things You Must Do If You Want To Date Older Women

When it comes to dating older women, it can be confusing to figure out what their goals are. There are a few who want to date guys who are their age, but they realize that such dating is not healthy for them. In case you have this kind of woman, dedicate yourself to finding out what she really wants in a man. It is your responsibility to know this so that you can make the necessary changes in yourself to ensure that you become what she is looking for.

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  1. Act Your Age

Older women are becoming rare nowadays. This means that they are harder to find. As a result, they expect a specific behavior from men. Older women are looking for responsible men who know how to treat and cherish them. This means that you are not expected to get drunk on a date and act like a 20-year-old. However, you are expected to keep yourself fit and look good.

Dress appropriately. Do not wear dresses and high heels if you are on a date with an 18-year-old woman. It is very inappropriate because they know how to date men and they do not want to date men who show off. Keep your hands to yourself and try to avoid kissing her butt.

  1. Act Smart

Older women are experienced enough to know that there are no dumb men around that they can date. Therefore, act smart and be subtle. This is because they can sense men who are promising them what they want but they have no plans for the future. Older women need a man who can talk about the things that they care about but not about themselves. Such a man would make an interesting company and a perfect second or third date.

  1. Mind Your Manners

Women know when men are showing off. Therefore, always remember to mind your manners when talking to her. Some men talk a lot and women can totally find themselves wanting to call the police. With this in mind, you should only say what you have to say.

  1. Be True to Yourself

This means that you should talk about what you like and care about but also try to be yourself whenever speaking to a woman. Be honest to yourself because if she realizes that you are not a true person, she will not trust your words. This will ultimately lead to her getting turned off by you.

  1. Stay Cool

Nothing can be more off-putting than showing the woman that you are nervous whenever you speak to her. Stay calm whenever you meet with her. Do not wait for the end of the date to end your meeting, end it at the most interesting time. By always staying on cool terms with the woman, you can easily create interest for another meeting.

Dating older women is different from dating younger women. The biggest difference is that older women are more experienced. They are more knowledgeable about dating and relationships thereforeiques. They are also aware that what they want in men is different from what they want in women.

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Has He Broken Your Heart Or Your Trust?

When a man starts to break your heart, your trust becomes broken also.

Has he broken your trust?

Trust is so crucial in every relationship. It makes you depend on each other and it makes you trust each other. What happens with trust? It’s like vital life support that keeps your relationship giving itself to another. When trust is gone, every relationship’s demise as a result. You can’t recover from this loss and move on. The pain deepens as the betraying is becoming clearer. The betrayal has occurred but you may not be able to understand what you did to cause this heartache or you may try to heal but you need to understand the value of trust before it is too late.

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Do you trust him?

First of all, have you trusted him with your life? When you don’t trust him with your life you don’t have the basic foundation for a healthy relationship and you are better off without him.

When you tell me that you’re afraid to trust him with your life is that you have been betrayed by him. It’s understandable to be afraid of the outcome of your relationship. Before you begin dating someone new, assess your trust levels. It’s OK to be cautious. You have to open your mind and heart and let go of old desires but you also need to be trusting of your partner to maintain a healthy relationship.

What makes one a betray?

You have a betray at him if he has betrayed your trust by lying, cheating, or running off with the one he was supposed to love. Every relationship has its share of fights and misunderstandings. These situations are normal to happen but if your partner has seriously hurt you by betraying your trust, then please go to the Calm zone immediately and learn to develop a healthy trusting relationship.

When the trusting partner left, there was hurt and pain, and frustration. If someone has hurt you, the first thing you want to do is forgive them and love them back even though it has now ended.

There are certain things you can do to gain back your trust,

Tell you you are sorry. We all know there is no such thing as a perfect person and it is inevitable that not all relationships are perfect. To shrug off responsibility like that is very difficult to do. So you may not feel too bad by being sorry now but think of it like this, your sorry is only the first step to regaining your trust and love. Patience is the key to getting the situation back on track.

Talk to each other. It may sound awkward to suddenly talk about a problem you have. But why not talk about it before things get too serious. Once you have talked about it before, the solution will come to mind. Take courage from the conversation and proceed to care. You will be needing your trust later on so it is essential that you provide it to your partner. Because letting others betray your trust is one of the cruelest things one can do to you.

Get the help. If you both need some sort of support, find it. Sometimes even the best of relationships can suffer when both are lacking the help they need. But we all have stressful life, career, and personal problems. So, how about the next stressful problem you have. Bring it to light and see how they are coping … your partner, your family, and your friends should be helping you recover. But don’t expect too much too soon, you should be doing this shortly after the breakup. Right after speaking with the other one is much better than a year later. Trust me; you will be glad you did.

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The Most Powerful Ways To Create Attraction With Women

Create Attraction With Women

One of the most understood yet little understood concepts in the realm of dating and attraction is value.

Single women and attractive women are seeking core traits in a man. They are looking for men that can provide for their basic needs which are shelter, safety, nurturing, value, Emotional satisfaction, and material wealth.

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Haven’t you noticed that almost every time you put out your best efforts, you are greeted with gratitude and flowers, yet there is almost zero response when you offer to buy them a drink or give them a ride?

That is because the response to your ‘ Loving Kind bottled up in you is so low. You have tried to bribe and appeal to their hearts, (which Teach you don’t work!) yet they see you as ‘ boring ‘ or ‘ predictable ‘ or ‘ predictable without any challenge’.

You have tried to be unapproachable yet chose to communicate with the woman of your dreams… thus your game becomes weaker and your chances of success with single women declines. Why? Because your communication has become sliced and dried and flat.

It has nothing to do with your deepest core values as a man, but that is just how this part of your life usually goes – against the odds and against all predictions.

Sooner or later reality sets in and when your authentic self is forced to confront the harsh realities of dating, relationships, love, sex, marriage, and some sort of monogamous relationship, it has a nasty habit of backfiring on you with the cold hard TRUTH.

That truth is often painful to hear but is simply the way that things work.

Trapped in your own self-defeating logic driven by your own fears, anxieties, and obsessed self-importance, you end up trying to tell others how to act, what to do and what he or she should wear in order to be attractive to the opposite sex so that you will be successful.

But that is where YOU are at fault. You did not ask the women out, you did not travel around the venue where the women were attending to you, you did not take the time to engage them in deeply meaningful communication where they show interest.

Instead what you ended up doing is that you ended up being an ‘ass kisser’ since you were giving the girls’ basic needs such as security, affirmation, care, and affection, rather than creating real attraction and love.

That is why you ended up as a ‘non responder’ since you were never confronted with her rejection, since you can not be selfish with your attention to your own needs and you chose not to challenge her power and mastery of the situation.

But now that I have shown you the truth…

It is time that you begin to believe in yourself and begin to act on it instead of just reacting to it and letting it be.

It is time that you begin to think of attracting women as an adventure where the ‘chasing’ does not take your sex and love away but rather increases its desire and obsession with you.

It is time that you begin to challenge the women and dare to actually become the man who can be a great lover and the man who can be a great partner.

The time that you begin to see meeting, approaching, attracting, communicating, and being present with women as easygoing and not as Ha Joegard’s ‘I must dominate this house and all the venerable people in it’.

Only then will you begin to see that just because she is so very divine that she deserves the chance to shine in your company, so too she deserves your respect and dare to bestir Yourself.

This precious book is filled with thousands of free quotes, free associate ideas, and most certainly, most definitely, most definitely, most definitely free of costs!


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Getting a Commitment From Him – Three Invitations To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

How to get a commitment from him

If you are lucky then you found the right man, but you just keep on getting stuck in the friend zone, and he can’t give you that commitment you deserve. But this does not mean you give up trying to break out of the friend zone, because it is actually an inviting and comfortable zone to be in if you know how to set the rules to free yourself from the friend zone.

So for those of you wondering “how to get a commitment from him”, I have good news for you, it is actually very simple to do, and almost every guy you knew has done this at least once in their life. What I am going to share with you is really not that hard to do. I am just making it more presentable for you to do it.

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What do I mean by doing the transition from friend to girlfriend? Well simply, to become his girlfriend and boyfriend, you just have to tell him how you feel about him, and how you want to be more than just friends. How to do it? I just have to ask a few questions here, so that you can be guided in the right direction…

So for those of you who have just been friends with this guy for a while, and just came to know that he is your dream man, you can take this path of courage and just go tell him how you feel, because he will be able to connect your feelings with his, therefore you can be guaranteed that it is going to work out.

But you need to be serious and must think it through, because if you say it without full enthusiasm, then it will sound like you are forcing it and less likely to work out. Use humor and be confident, and tell it like it is! Say it even if you are not feeling like it, because you know what he will be thinking. Guys are more easily stimulated when you are not feeling themselves, so you will boost his ego and he will start feeling happy around you.

So above everything else, do not think of getting a commitment from him, because that is not what you are looking for in the first place. Take your time and be sincere and he will respect you for being the unique girlfriend that you are.

Now that you know how to do it, I am sure you have already thought of ways you can help this guy strengthen his commitment to you, and here is how you can do it:

When you have the opportunity to be together, help him find out what makes you tick, what´s important to you, what you want out of life, your passions, whatever it is for you, so that you can share your dreams and aspirations with him and by doing this, he will come to see you in an entirely new light.

Since we have just defined fidelity as honesty, then you can truly show how much you care by being honest with your guy. Now I ask myself, what is the most important thing in the world, someone who is trying to help and connect with you or someone who is just following the normal routine and has absolutely no heart? Ask this question to yourself, and be the first one to approach you, perhaps even have the courage to help him sort out his own issues.

Helping him to understand himself will help you be truthful with him which will, in turn, help you be honest with him. Wouldn´t it be wonderful if we can all be like age, open and honest? Even the smallest gestures of being friendly and open can tell so much about someone, and allow him to connect with you.

So the biggest question is not “how to flirt”, but “how can I help my guy to flirt?”. If I can imagine it, he has probably already thought about it many times, so start being a dream wife for him, and don´t just sit back waiting for him to want it, remember this is a two way relationship that needs effort, start now by being honest and true to him. Have fun!

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