Getting a Commitment From Him – Three Invitations To Take Your Relationship To The Next Level

How to get a commitment from him

If you are lucky then you found the right man, but you just keep on getting stuck in the friend zone, and he can’t give you that commitment you deserve. But this does not mean you give up trying to break out of the friend zone, because it is actually an inviting and comfortable zone to be in if you know how to set the rules to free yourself from the friend zone.

So for those of you wondering “how to get a commitment from him”, I have good news for you, it is actually very simple to do, and almost every guy you knew has done this at least once in their life. What I am going to share with you is really not that hard to do. I am just making it more presentable for you to do it.

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What do I mean by doing the transition from friend to girlfriend? Well simply, to become his girlfriend and boyfriend, you just have to tell him how you feel about him, and how you want to be more than just friends. How to do it? I just have to ask a few questions here, so that you can be guided in the right direction…

So for those of you who have just been friends with this guy for a while, and just came to know that he is your dream man, you can take this path of courage and just go tell him how you feel, because he will be able to connect your feelings with his, therefore you can be guaranteed that it is going to work out.

But you need to be serious and must think it through, because if you say it without full enthusiasm, then it will sound like you are forcing it and less likely to work out. Use humor and be confident, and tell it like it is! Say it even if you are not feeling like it, because you know what he will be thinking. Guys are more easily stimulated when you are not feeling themselves, so you will boost his ego and he will start feeling happy around you.

So above everything else, do not think of getting a commitment from him, because that is not what you are looking for in the first place. Take your time and be sincere and he will respect you for being the unique girlfriend that you are.

Now that you know how to do it, I am sure you have already thought of ways you can help this guy strengthen his commitment to you, and here is how you can do it:

When you have the opportunity to be together, help him find out what makes you tick, what´s important to you, what you want out of life, your passions, whatever it is for you, so that you can share your dreams and aspirations with him and by doing this, he will come to see you in an entirely new light.

Since we have just defined fidelity as honesty, then you can truly show how much you care by being honest with your guy. Now I ask myself, what is the most important thing in the world, someone who is trying to help and connect with you or someone who is just following the normal routine and has absolutely no heart? Ask this question to yourself, and be the first one to approach you, perhaps even have the courage to help him sort out his own issues.

Helping him to understand himself will help you be truthful with him which will, in turn, help you be honest with him. Wouldn´t it be wonderful if we can all be like age, open and honest? Even the smallest gestures of being friendly and open can tell so much about someone, and allow him to connect with you.

So the biggest question is not “how to flirt”, but “how can I help my guy to flirt?”. If I can imagine it, he has probably already thought about it many times, so start being a dream wife for him, and don´t just sit back waiting for him to want it, remember this is a two way relationship that needs effort, start now by being honest and true to him. Have fun!

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Should You Give Him a Challenge?

Give Him a Challenge? It is ok?

Is giving him a challenge too late and this is the best way to end it? Should you challenge him and work to make him chase that toughness? How can you make yourself more desirable to a man? Should you refuse to be romantic and crave for him to make a move? Should you refuse to go on a romantic date and insist that you go out and do something else?

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All of these questions can be answered negatively. As hard as it can be to be so self-conscious and reserved, sometimes it is better to be shy and hold back rather than to let him allure you and make you dance to his tune.

Let’s face it, guys like to be challenged. Their self-esteem is Boosted when a girl proves to them that she is tough to get. Believe it or not, he actually wants you to challenge him and make him work for your affection.


Men are born for hunting. How do they do it? They have been trained to it by their fathers. At an early age, they are shown how to find their way to a woman with the proper tool. For many men finding their way into women is like an inherent hunt that they need to succeed in.

Are you giving him the challenge?

Giving him the challenge is actually the best way to end things and let you both part ways. A chance encounter in the hallway or a casual conversation during lunch or a cold, windy, or snowstorm will be the perfect setting to challenge him once again. Hitting him lightly or telling him that he is up to no good during a playful argument will increase your challenge, but hitting him while he is busy with something else, will likely end it.

Why he wants the challenge…

The most common reason why he wants the challenge is that he needs to win something. Maybe he wants the girl to turn her nose at him so he can feel ‘master’ of the territory. Or maybe the challenge is someone he just wants to be friends with. Challenging him is a way of stimulating his ego. It makes him feel as though he is on top of the world despite it being just one more thing the guy has against him.

How to be a Challenge

Being a challenge can be as simple as variation in yourself. It can be changing your dress a certain way or wearing a certain hair. A challenge can be pictured in those things that you are afraid to try or those that you have always wanted to but afraid to say because they would laugh at you or you might face the humiliation of being laughed at. Learning to be a challenge is one way of challenging yourself to learn new things and have new experiences. And the very best part is that once you have grown enough to begin to be self-years they will challenge you to never stop challenging.

Combining these challenge traits into your own personality by acting tough and playful is a way of appealing to him. For example, a challenge of saying hi is something that is feminine, and saying there is something I want to tell you but first I need your name is something that is a challenge. It is the pursuit of self that will become your calling card. He will be challenged to pursue you because you are not an easy target.

Combining these attraction traits is a powerful way to raise your appeal to him. By combining your fearlessness with your desire and your confidence you will have found a way to raise your resting heart and stimulate all parts of your being. Think about it… you need to check yourself as you go through life and remember those times were challenges that allowed you to learn and grow. Your new attitude now should be a question of how you can take what you have learned and live again. The romance of your first encounter was all a chase to finally land in the arms of your true love.

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Why Do Nice Guys Stop Making Moves? 5 Reasons Why He Pulled Back

5 Reasons Why Nice Guys Pulled Back

It had been weeks since you last had a date! And he suddenly became aware of the fact that you were not going out with him or with someone else.

Suddenly you found yourself asking -WHY DO I STOP MAKING MOVES WHEN I START FEELING DEEPLY CLEAN exchanged signals with a guy I liked being with?

In a desperate attempt to get things back on track, you stopped all further communication with the nice guy and his behavior put you in a wrong position.

A few thoughts about why nice guys can stop making moves.

Common reasons why nice guys can stop making moves.

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  1. He is intimidated by you. mound n one shot or attractive represents persisting in an activity or meeting a girl who has good standards and Judging how you “fit into” a social scenario. Deciding how you would act in a particular situation by using a “pick-up line” or making a fool of yourself in a conversation because you feel like you are more poised or skilled at picking up women.

It gives you an excuse to safety check him. If he truly is as handsome as he appears then he will do as you please and stop at nothing to impress you.

  1. He realises you are an exciting, independent woman. A most attractive quality for a man is when an attractive woman leads a life of her own, has various interests, and is socially active. At least she is not totally dependent on an interesting man to provide the family with a stable life.
  2. He realises you have more to yourself than just your beauty. At its most basic level, having a high self worth is based on numerous successes in life and this also includes professional achievements.
  3. He realises you are a woman. Being a woman is a fact that shouldn’t be ashamed of. Once a man realises a woman can be just as intelligent, witty and caring as he could’ve dreamed of, it brings a new dimension to courtship and exploration of possibilities.
  4. He is no longer sexually tickled and the thrill of seduction has disappeared. Sex is a natural expression of love, and in the early stages of a relationship itself, no doubt sexy and exciting. There will be no more time to “trick” the manger when he is already over their rosy mountains.

At some point during the relationship, sex takes the place of “just getting to know each other” important decisions and insights, and the man may withdraw sometimes rather than confide in you because he is afraid sexually or just because he is not physically attracted to you.

So, why did the nice guy become withdrawn?

  1. He lacked the self confidence to succeed where others had not been so successful. During dating, the nice guy was not sure of his looks, his adoring gaze, his conversational skills, his conversational ability, his desire to please, his adoring gaze, and many other confidence inhibiting factors.
  2. He disliked his job. Why would an arrogant person want to work every day. Even though work may not be a “lucky” situation at times, he would never want to expose his true self during office hours.
  3. He was afraid of his turbulent nature. As a child he may have been told by a caregiver to “be a good boy” because boys don’t usually get into fights. Later in life he may have admixtures of traits from all the wrong relationships, such as physical abuse, verbal abuse, emotional neglect, and even substance abuse.
  4. He married or near-married and has kids. Cheap kids! Dirty, dirty kids! But he did have them and hadn’t married for several years.
  5. He had failed relationships and previous relationships. This could be stress, issues with working out his finances, with handling his disinterest in a woman, or perhaps he had been hurt by a woman.

The nice guy could be shy and unsure when it comes to approaching a woman, he may suddenly need an ego boost, he uses the “be nice” approach and the woman may reject him, he then tries to put himself down in order to justify his own behavior. Yuck!