The Most Powerful Ways To Create Attraction With Women

Create Attraction With Women

One of the most understood yet little understood concepts in the realm of dating and attraction is value.

Single women and attractive women are seeking core traits in a man. They are looking for men that can provide for their basic needs which are shelter, safety, nurturing, value, Emotional satisfaction, and material wealth.

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Haven’t you noticed that almost every time you put out your best efforts, you are greeted with gratitude and flowers, yet there is almost zero response when you offer to buy them a drink or give them a ride?

That is because the response to your ‘ Loving Kind bottled up in you is so low. You have tried to bribe and appeal to their hearts, (which Teach you don’t work!) yet they see you as ‘ boring ‘ or ‘ predictable ‘ or ‘ predictable without any challenge’.

You have tried to be unapproachable yet chose to communicate with the woman of your dreams… thus your game becomes weaker and your chances of success with single women declines. Why? Because your communication has become sliced and dried and flat.

It has nothing to do with your deepest core values as a man, but that is just how this part of your life usually goes – against the odds and against all predictions.

Sooner or later reality sets in and when your authentic self is forced to confront the harsh realities of dating, relationships, love, sex, marriage, and some sort of monogamous relationship, it has a nasty habit of backfiring on you with the cold hard TRUTH.

That truth is often painful to hear but is simply the way that things work.

Trapped in your own self-defeating logic driven by your own fears, anxieties, and obsessed self-importance, you end up trying to tell others how to act, what to do and what he or she should wear in order to be attractive to the opposite sex so that you will be successful.

But that is where YOU are at fault. You did not ask the women out, you did not travel around the venue where the women were attending to you, you did not take the time to engage them in deeply meaningful communication where they show interest.

Instead what you ended up doing is that you ended up being an ‘ass kisser’ since you were giving the girls’ basic needs such as security, affirmation, care, and affection, rather than creating real attraction and love.

That is why you ended up as a ‘non responder’ since you were never confronted with her rejection, since you can not be selfish with your attention to your own needs and you chose not to challenge her power and mastery of the situation.

But now that I have shown you the truth…

It is time that you begin to believe in yourself and begin to act on it instead of just reacting to it and letting it be.

It is time that you begin to think of attracting women as an adventure where the ‘chasing’ does not take your sex and love away but rather increases its desire and obsession with you.

It is time that you begin to challenge the women and dare to actually become the man who can be a great lover and the man who can be a great partner.

The time that you begin to see meeting, approaching, attracting, communicating, and being present with women as easygoing and not as Ha Joegard’s ‘I must dominate this house and all the venerable people in it’.

Only then will you begin to see that just because she is so very divine that she deserves the chance to shine in your company, so too she deserves your respect and dare to bestir Yourself.

This precious book is filled with thousands of free quotes, free associate ideas, and most certainly, most definitely, most definitely, most definitely free of costs!


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4 Easy Steps To Create Deep Attractions With Women

Deep Attractions With Women

A woman’s attractions isn’t a logical choice as much as a feeling. But, some men take it upon themselves to be able to attract women easily and consistently. These men didn’t get the chance to splurge all over the place like a rich guy, but somehow found a way to get the girl. While there are various pickup artists selling all sorts of useless material on how to attract women, there’s nothing wrong with building your way to the top. Here is a step-by-step guide to giving women that ” deep ” impression that you are truly worthy of their time. You’ll be able to enjoy her defenses being down and see it all come down to how you carry yourself and your self-confidence.

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Focus on her.

That’s right – no woman will ever be worth you noticing if you allow yourself to be focused on other aspects of life. Make sure you are conscious of her existence. Keep your conversation with her happening. Make interactions with her fun and full of laughter. Do things that show her you are interested in her and in getting to know her better. Make it a point to find out what she likes and use it in your next conversation. Use her name and her likes intuitive phrases such as “Oh, I like that too”.

Keep your masculinity intact.

Keep manhood along. Along with your focus on her, make sure you are leading your own life and making choices that further your motives in life. Encourage her to talk about herself and her likes and dislikes and give her ideas and feedback about these. She will be a friend long before she gets one of your coveted phone numbers and it will be some time until the Friendster bubble breaks and you, of course, are left with the unpleasant feeling that you stifled your life to be with her.

The purpose of using steps to attract women like chicks to a sugar daddy is to give them a chance to smell your manhood. Don’t let your biological clock stop you from escaping the confines of a relationship on her first few dates. Just because you don’t have your career on track to reap the life Experiences of millions of lucky men doesn’t mean you have to be lonely and out of the social loop.


Dating and living life is a constant journey towards a good experience. Anrich man has plenty of failures to his credit but he doesn’t allow women to see this. He has other women chasing for him all the time. How can he be sure he’s the kingpin of every pie he has been responsible for? How can he have any others?

Women are like sunspots; they keep sending out light and frequent signals to men who are courting them, but only after a certain period of time, and when some conditions are met. Let her chase for a while before she agrees to take part in bed with you. Let women feel they are getting the best of you while they are chasing. She will associate those intense feelings with you and be a lot stronger when she’s missing you due to those periods.

After sex and especially after taking her out on a lot of dates, she is not going to bother too much if you are an average looking guy.

This is what you have to do to get her hot for you, no matter how bad you think you look, and no matter how much of a chubby boy you are. All you need to do is to continue your efforts and she will keep offering you more and more dates, while at the same time chasing you and driving you. She will continue trying her best to impress you.

You should be doing pretty well in the dating department if you continued right now. If you want to attract women, to get them hot to you – and stay hot, you will need to check your ego at the door and just concentrate on making yourself fit for dating.

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How to Attract a Handsome Man! Cool Techniques to Totally Seduce Him & Make Him Want You Instantly

How to Attract a Handsome Man?

You have seen the guy who just cannot take his eyes off the woman in the bar. The only fix is that she is way out-of-this-league pretty and rich. If you want to know how to attract such a man here’s what you should be doing.

Bringing in some sanity just because his face looks like that of a blip doesn’t mean that he is going to be fixated on any woman who approaches his area of interest. Identify the reason behind this and get back in your own league by standing apart from the crowd.

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Take him seriously the most obvious thing that you must do to attract him is to look super gorgeous. So, dress your best and get the latest right dress. Have your face, hair and skin treated to perfection by a professional image consultant. Nothing works better than a truly stunning look.

Wear something daringly sexy your first accessory must have to be something that is sizzling hot. So wear something that is somewhere between a nightclub dress and a pair of crosses between Ski Wear and an evening gown. This will conjure the shivers in him and will make him take notice of you.

Work on your body language if you are using the cross-neck style top with a plunging neckline and high heels then you are asking for trouble. Sure your target is going to notice you and take note of your body. You have to give him the right signal by using body language that does not look flirty. So at one point cross your legs in his direction while still in your top.

Start a genuine conversation don’t just talk to him in a sexy voice and nervously laugh and nod. You want to creep him out and make him slightly uncomfortable. Making small talk and maintaining a two-way conversation will give you a chance to make his move and interest in you.

Single him out when he comes into your company make sure you single him out from the rest of the crowd. Give him all the attention and focus and complement him honestly for all that he has achieved and continues to achieve. He will be pleased that you have picked him out of the crowd.

Don’t make him feel castrated not go overboard in complimenting him. There is no point in making him feel like he is the most handsome and hunk in the crowd if you are too unimpressive. Instead, compliment what he is wearing and make him feel wanted and loved.

Take him to the dance floor now that you have attracted him you will be taking him to the dance floor. Take the opportunity of asking him to dance with you. His response will demonstrate your interest in him and he too will dance with you. This is the perfect opportunity to take the next step.

Seduce him after having a superb evening on the dance floor, there is no harm in turning things a bit hotter by joining him in the curvature of your body. Talk to him and flirt with him – he should not feel the sting of your scrutiny.

Lead him into a warm and gentle kissBe patient, if you are sure that he is into you and would like to arouse you physically, do not rush him. It is important to take your time and make the move gentle in your approach. Maybe you could plant a kiss on his cheek the next time you meet and leave it there.

Brush yourself after the heady times it is of no use coming out of the shower looking awful. It is important to have a shave, visit your parlor and get a proper dress. It is not necessary to invest in an expensive dress but it better should be a decent one.

Act accordingly there is no point in acting coy all the time. In the real world, you will not get an acknowledgment directly. Give him his dose of belief by making him feel confident of your interest in him. At the same time display your independence.

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How to Create Instantaneous Attraction With Anybody, Anyplace, Anytime

Instantaneous Attraction

At a party. Or a bar. You see this person across the room. You are dying to meet them. You would love to go out with them. You would love to know that they feel the same way about you as you feel about them.

So, what do you do? You wait. You wait for that person to approach you. You wait for them to interest you enough to approach you. You think to yourself: “I hope they don’t look fat or sloppy.”

Why didn’t they come up to you? Well, maybe they are a good-looking person, or maybe they were dressed to kill. But what if they are both looking pretty? What if they don’t look slim, or they don’t smell good? What if they turn out to be the opposite of everything you expected?

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In other words, the odds are pretty good that nobody in this room right now will be good enough to attract you. Not even close. So do yourself a favor. Forget about this person right now. Why? Because you can meet somebody anywhere. A grocery store, a bank, a place of worship, your school, your office. There are plenty of opportunities throughout your entire life to meet somebody who is out to interest you, to make you happy, to make you a better person.

Do yourself a favor right now, and forget that person. There’s nobody we want. We want somebody who will sweep us off of our feet. Somebody who will not only complement us, but empower us, and ignite our deepest desires. Someone who will literally walk our course.

Don’t forget who we are talking about. You are meant to attract the flower of your desires, not the thorns of rejection and disappointment. Keep your eyes open, and your heart out, and don’t even think about it. Keep it in your mind that these people we attract are the very source of happiness and fulfillment, and that you will one day want to be part of that flow.

We attract positive people. If you hold tight to the so-called “breaker” virtues, perhaps you will attract a whiner, a complainer, or a moody person, whom you will not be able to get together with comfortably. These people will grip you and pull you down. For a relationship to be healthy, very much open, honest communication is a necessity.

Otherwise, you are introducing people who scorpion for your privacy, explode with jealousy, rage, and to your less-desired, more subtle desires. These are the people you have attracted to rather than the ones that you despised. You despise them, but you keep attracting them.

You need to recognize your own self-worth. If you do, you will learn how to value yourself. Over the weekend, as you have been efficiently hanging out with others, I have watched you make new friends. You have been quite persuasive, I must say. You have not just learned how to get along well with others, but how to let down your guard with others. This skill is a wonderful opportunity.

Why? Because the more you stay in control of your own life – your own needs, your own time, your own privacy – the more you attract and nourish your own passions. If you do not nourish your passions, none of the relationships you are likely to enter into will nourish them. The more you stay in control of your life, the more freedom you have to create the relationships the life you want.

Get yourself back in the game. Go out where the action is. Join clubs, societies, sports events, drama groups, anything that might cast you in the eye of many. Meet people. Try new things. Those of your age might want to venture into older personals, but there are also those of your age that are very much into going out to coffee and spending time in an art gallery. Keep your eyes open. Think about what your instincts tell you about people. Get out there and try new things!


Dating Chance with Russian Women – Super Attraction 101

Russian Women Charm

Men the world over have been studying, researching, and interviewing Russian women for the purposes of coming up with effective dating tips for men. Many of the dating tips and advice being transmitted to men has the goal of helping them learn conversational skills, flirting skills, and how to interact intuitively and sensually with Russian women.

Credit: Alina Mcleod Yt Channel

Unfortunately, you can’t teach people how to speak English through emails or on the phone. There are no Shortcuts to Growing Success with Women because… you can’t find a book or a website that will teach you all the answers.

That is why I am excited to share Attraction 101, the first online community to be made especially for men that are dedicated to helping you meet Russian women and fall in love the easy and natural way!

Many men have a lot to learn when it comes to approaching, dating, and marrying a foreign woman. They may have been taught by their mothers or sisters how to treat a foreign lady, but that does not mean that this clamor will help his love life, or yours. The girls from Russia are no different than other women your mom has taught you.

The girls from Russia may be attractive, but they are just as complex as everyone else. Just as the girls you run into at your workplace are diligently following their career, goals, and plans, the Russian women you meet are striving to make themselves happy and support their families.

This is why the idea of exotic vacation travel is so disappointing because it means that you have spent money on tickets, not spending time to celebrate your love, relationships, and a whole lot of other common goals that are really important in relationships, but you did not have the knowledge, experience, support, and creativity to create a romance and a life together out of a chance meeting.

At worse, these relationships are not going to work, or come close to being ‘taken’. At best,!!!

Russian women are not seeking a new apartment in a beautiful neighborhood in New York or unnecessary jewelry, right now, they are struggling to survive. By any means, they are willing to give what is needed, but only when the man is sincere and committed. However, this is not the same thing as saying they will love you forever, because they need time to adjust, grow, and learn.

By definition, this means that you will be a Russian bride, not a Russian wife. Retaliative relationship with the children in their mother’s country, not your own.

Your love, patience, support, and role as their father, will all be necessary!

Agree on the standard etiquette and rules of the relationship before you get involved. Make sure that if you are going to Russia, you have carefully researched a variety of dating websites, to see which fits your needs. Do not disclose your last name, address, personal details, or email until you feel that the relationship is at a place where you are comfortable.

There are roughly a million more people than there are members, so there is always a lot of choices! Ask around and do not be afraid to share ideas. What has worked for others might not work for you, so do not be afraid to ask! Your Russian bride needs the constant reassurance that she is wanted and appreciated.

Show her your support in other ways. Be prepared to take a vacation shake, a road trip, or stay at home and receive emails and messages from her every day. The more the merrier! Remember that you are not the only one who has this quest, so settle down and be patient. You will be happy you did, after all, you are about to embark on a whole new adventure!