(2021) How To Get The Guy To Chase You Without Checking Your Tabloids Instantly !

When a Man Stops Chasing You, Here's What to Do (and how to prevent it!)
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How to Get the Guy to Chase You? How do you do that?

So you have a guy you like and you want to catch his eye and keep it.

Men are naturally lazy and passive. So if you are a woman that is originally successful with men then check your posture. Always stand up straight with your head held high and your shoulders pushed back. Wear high-quality clothes that make you feel confident and sexy, without giving the impression you are trying to look or feel cheap.

The next thing to do is catch his eye and keep it. That means don’t be in such a hurry to get his attention but make sure you intrigue him with your enigmatic personality. How do you do that?

Well, you must have other things going on in your life besides your pursuit for Mr. Right!

Once you are sure you catch his eye smile at him, if he smiles back that’s a huge step in the right direction. Now you must remain in the center of the conversation and NOT on the side of the room or in a corner. One minute you are in the middle of a conversation with this hot hunny and the next you are on the other side of the room but you still have not made your move. Still trying to get his attention.

Now comes the time where you make your move. You smile at him. He smiles back. You can hear laughter, girls are always giggling and being playful. Smile at him a second time. Wait for a couple of minutes. If he doesn’t move his head then you got him.

Now make your move. If he is still sitting there smiling, well. . . it looks like he is not interested anymore.

A couple of minutes go by. He gets up from his seat and moves toward you.

Here is an example for your research..

“Hi!” You return his smile “Hi, I’m Jessica from your science class. How have you been?”

“I have been good catching up from my classes, I’ve had a really exciting day today. How have you been?” He pulls you in for a hug “I’ve been really busy too. It’s been awesome.”

“I’ve had a really busy week too. It’s been good learning how to make the really good grades at my new school.” You smile “I see. How have you been?”

“I’ve been really busy too. It’s been a little roller coaster ride, but I’m having a lot of fun. I finally found myself.” He leans in for another hug “That’s good. I had so much fun this week.”

“I see. You’ve had your fun. What do you have planned for your date later?” You ask him confidently.

“No idea. I was thinking about going to the beach and riding the wave, but the seaside is too rough.” He says with a wave of the hand.

“What about this Friday night, here’s the address. I’m looking forward to going.” Your smile is wide and your confidence is high because you are the intelligent one.

“That sounds great. I’ll bring some.” You say with a wave of the hand and have him help you with the bag. You take the bag behind you and walk out and away from the scene, but keep your eye on him.

“That was great. You can do that until class is over.” He motions to you as he walks away “Be sure to come close to me so I can tell you how awesome your surfing skills are.”

“Bye.” You say goodbye and shut the door. You have a life of your own and are doing things you love, which you’ve been doing for a year. You met him because he liked your smile and friendliness. AND a few other reasons.

These are the things that you can do to get yourself a boyfriend. This is how you do it:

  1. Plan ahead. Figure out what kind of date you are looking for. Figure out what kind of smile you will wear. Take a day to shop for your clothes and a day to shop for some new clothes.
  2. If you need to go out and eat, eat somewhere fancy. Out of the ordinary is always good.
  3. Be someone a man would want to be around. Talk about something intelligent you would know about.
  4. Tone up your body. Run every morning. Exercise your gluteus and quadriceps. You will notice a great difference in your figure that will give you a bounce in your step. Men are very particular with the body, but few realize it.
  5. Be outspoken and tell the world what a great time you are having. Have fun!
  6. Don’t make yourself too available. You have a life so you should not answer his calls right away.

Use the Internet Dating Sites to Find That Special Someone

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They say that the thing which is shared most is, the thing that is most valued. So, now, how do you go about finding that special someone? They say just be yourself. But isn’t it difficult to be yourself when you’re on a date?

Sharing yourself with someone in the smallest details such as your likes dislikes, your passions, hobbies, and yes even your negative things about yourself can be considered as one of the most obvious methods in winning over the other person and wanting to be honest with all the things that you do to be happy. Normally, it is very hard to show someone what you want. It is also very difficult to obtain what one wants if one doesn’t show it in the right manner.

Boosting and developing your confidence is one of the ways in winning over someone for being a person whom you love and want to spend your life with. You can find a couple of review sites on the internet that can do a good job of providing you with information on how you can greatly boost and develop your initial confidence. You can also just ask other fellow internet dating dates and see how they feel about getting that much-needed confidence. In internet dating, it is also considered a very important factor to know how you can be fair as a person for being honest and having an interesting character. By just improving your initial self-confidence through self-assessment exercises and mind-protective measures, you will definitely generate a better you. By just improving your initial self-confidence, you will have more memories, lessons, wisdom, and mistakes to avoid just like an accident. Internet dating requires one to enhance and develop his/her personality.

Internet dating sites provide a lot of data, features, photographs, and information that can help you improve your self-confidence and even win over that special someone that you wish to spend the rest of your life with. By just enhancing and developing your self-confidence, you can become more interesting, attractive, and easier to be introduced to. You can just turn internet dating into a favor.

Here are some of the things that you can do to improve your self-confidence:

  1. Think positive. It isn’t always necessary to fulfill certain desires or goals to be self-confident. Just develop some mental Reserves, discipline and positive habit of mind. Below are some important tips of self-creepnosis which is one of the most powerful methods in self-creepnosis. It is capable of helping you overcome panic, shortenanticinity, shyness, and even raise your self-esteem. You can use it in the world of internet dating to win over the other person and get that romantic date for sure.
  2. Improve your physical appearance. Your physical appearance is one of the first things that others see in you. If you want to be more confident in how you look, you should begin fixing your body and figure. You definitely have to look and smell good. Look for fitness centers or therapists who can do a good job for you to be able to improve the way you look for better physical results.
  3. Be more self-confident by taking different risks. Sometimes, you just don’t have the luxury of hesitating from the very beginning. By taking different risks, you can actually improve your odds of success and encounter new opportunities.
  4. Understand others. Unfortunately, some people always make decisions for the women or men based on their current set of information. You will never be able to introduce new ideas and attitudes unless you know how to communicate. You should know how to accept the other person’s feedback and opinions.
  5. Be interested in others. You should never assume that your date will like something just because you want it. It is always better if you are interested on the subject or thing. Even if you know a lot about the topic, you should show interest in other people. Listen to him talk about his interests, and you will be able to understand his interests and the things that he really likes. All people secretly wish that someone knows more about them, and so you can be that someone who listens.

Internet dating, and indeed, modern dating in general, requires one to take risks. However, what risk does is that it may turn into a good experience. Or, you may experience a bad experience, but that does not matter as long as you did your best to minimize the risk and reap the reaping of the opportunity. So, go out there internet dating.


Call After the First Date – Waiting?

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It’s been hours since your man dropped you off at his house. Now that he’s alone and apparently feeling good about you, he probably wants to take you out.

But he hasn’t. He hasn’t even tried to give you a call yet. You know this because you haven’t been able to get in touch with him.

The reason he hasn’t gotten in touch with you is that he still hasn’t made up his mind that he wants to call you. He hasn’t decided that he wants to see you again. That’s the reason he hasn’t decided to call because he still hasn’t made up his mind.

So is there any way to make him call you? Is there a way to really direct your man and this situation to your advantage?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. There is no way to get him to do what you want without appearing desperate.

If you continue to stay at his house without contacting him, he will assume you’re at his beck and call and really would not expect to hear from you. That’s not likely, right?

So unless you’re willing to face the bitter truth that he probably won’t call you again, you should try to direct things to your advantage.

Without a doubt, you have to make him think about you. You have to answer his questions or attempting to answer them in a negative way. He will think to himself: What does it take to make a woman like me? What is she looking for? And eventually, he will have to find the courage to call you himself.

Yes, you can put your phone to good use. You can send him a text message to end the date, but don’t forget, when the date didn’t really go off well, he still hasn’t reached you.

It’s not because you haven’t been able to get in touch with him. He will call if he’ll have to pinch himself and if the night went in a way he didn’t want it to, at least he will be given the chance to crack a few jokes and tell him what a wonderful time he had with you.

Do not give him that possibility. Play a little hard to get. Of course, he hasn’t seen how outspoken you have been at all. He’s most likely still in the dark about how you’ve been acting lately. It’s just plain irritating for him to know that he has not scared you straight.

It’s okay to appear a little annoyed when you’re with him, but do not intentionally make him realize that you’re vaguely annoyed. Do not snap at him and make him see that you’re annoyed. Instead, you can try to look through your own frustration and ask yourself: Did he do something that made mean you to the point of frustration? Did he do something to bother you, or make you angry?

Show your irritated side and be careful not to overdo it. Look towards your more reserved side and hold in on your anger. Let him know that you definitely do not deserve his behavior. Was it something he did? Or did you make a mistake that made it understandable for him to exhibit that behavior?

By making it clear that both of you need to cool off, things will probably turn out differently this time. And without him calling, do not bother calling him either. It would be a manipulation play. You have to show your conflict without being confrontational.

And when you do call him up, try not to make it a surprise. Make it sound like you just remembered. The car you were driving earlier in the day went out of service, so you were forced to take public transport. Tell him that you think their network failures are more serious than usual and that you hoped he could offer you his assistance.

And if you were late to that meeting or his office and cannot make it for him, make sure your voicemail picks up so you can apologize for the mix-up. That way, you can apologize for your lack of communication with him in person.

There are other suggestions for relationship issues. If he’s decided that meeting with you is no longer an option, suggest another surprise for him. Check out some new places or other activities. You can think of something creative to do with his buddies. That way, you will pique his interest.

If you’re still smarting about his behavior, then it is time for you to have some more entertaining ideas. It is absolutely necessary for women to entertain men and their interests. If he’s into going on an outdoor trek, then it’s time for you to eagerly join. Or if he’s not that adventurous, maybe you’ll just multi-task. Going to the movies, watching his favorite sport on television, cleaning his favorite house, those kinds of things will do too.


(2021) Dating Older Women

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Even before this century was born, people were already dating older women. However, a comparison between the present-day dating habits and those 10 or 20 years ago can show very poor progress has been made in this regard. Dating an older woman is not as popular as it used to be. However, this has not changed the way people meet, organize their dates, and even sometimes manage to advance to a deeper relationship. Here are a few significant developments in the dating scene that have contributed to the growing trend of dating older women.

The desire to have an intellectual companion

Younger men have always been on the lookout for meaningful conversations. Older women have always been on the lookout for funtaining conversation. In the earlier days, this was considered old and trivial. Today, the situation has completely changed with respect to the mentality of younger men. Older women have by and large successfully opened up to the idea that one does not necessarily have to be in the same profession, applying to the same company and office, or deal with the same people in order to have meaningful conversations. It is said that through running after careers, older women have managed to acquire highly coveted positions such as CEO, heads of various agencies, or business concerns. In this era, it is very hard for a young person to acquire these positions unless by chance and this also makes dating older women easier. When one is dating an older woman, he does not have to worry about being overlooked, typical for the younger youngster. These women will help in bringing out the best in you.

An emotional conveyor that is less prone to doubt

Older women are more steady than younger women. This can be traced to their life experiences. Younger women are often still exploring their Independence. Whereas men, have still not truly discovered their adult selves until their late 20s and on, it is highly unlikely that an older woman would want to enter into a serious relationship after the age of thirty which is the ripe age for men to begin family life. Therefore, it is quite likely that an older woman would prefer a younger person who is just beginning to establish his adult self. This helps in avoiding the common pitfalls that many find themselves in, such as getting giddy, without a clear concept of one’s life vision and goals, and being unsure of what one really wants in a relationship.

It is said that in life, honesty was a commodity, which was always highly valued. Dating an older woman is not really different. In many ways, one can say that older women are particularly mature, and they have mastered the art of behaving maturely. In dating an older woman, honesty can prove to be very impressive to the other person. Honesty is seen as a good trait in achieving one’s goals. In dating an older woman, one can be able to have hope that honesty will eventually manifest itself in the relationship. Oneectionally, the younger person will be less likely to engage in heedless acts, or acts of infidelity.

Barging on personal space

It can prove to be a real challenge for younger guys to politely wedge themselves into the personal space of an older woman. This is because, in general, older women tend to be settled and settled in their ways. An older woman would expect her partner to be respectful and caring of her and her belongings. Therefore, one needs to embrace the thought that etiquette is always respected and applied in a relationship. An older woman, in particular, would expect more simply because she is a woman.

An added advantage in dating an older woman

An older woman is a partner who has a lot more to offer than an overtly immature younger person. The fact that she has skirts that have raging and tight quantities of flesh – which sends a message of sexual openness – means that she is also quite experienced in the bedroom. Another advantage is that, generally, they are financially independent and have the financial means and time to do this, it becomes a challenge for younger guys to secure themselves a steady position in the relationship, while an older computer’s money is not at stake. It has even been suggested that younger guys should suck up the part of house and children and commit to a long-term relationship.

Dating Older Women can prove to be quite fulfilling and enriching for both the man and the woman. It can be a wonderful experience and in the long run, lead to happiness and contentment.


Introvert Dating Tips 2021 : 11 things you need to know

When we’re introverts, finding a partner is often the opposite of what we like most. We’d rather watch another Netflix mystery series in fleece-lined sweatpants than be with someone we love. You have to put yourself out there if you want to find a partners-in-crime.

It may not be worth it to waste a night in for a Tinder date that talks all night long about investment banking and doesn’t ask you one question. Even so, there are some tips and tricks you can use to make the experience of going out just a little less intimidating.

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What Introverts Need To Know About Relationships

Having said that, dating an introvert can be troublesome, largely because they are indifferent to small talk or do not know how to use it. Introverts struggle with coming up with interesting conversation topics and often find themselves confined to one corner in large gatherings – that is, if they ever attend any.

What is the best way to date an introvert? When considering dating, everyone feels awkward and shy – introverts or not. Therefore, do introverts have difficulty finding love and dating? The answer is no. Dating can be difficult for introverts, but the tips below can help:

  1. If you’re an introvert, that’s fine – you shouldn’t hide it. In fact, introverts are often seen as more understanding and sympathetic than extroverts. The difference between an introvert and an extrovert is that they do not engage in flirting much. Since you are seen as more sincere, more reliable, and more trustworthy – so you should never hide your true nature from others.
  2. Being yourself is more important than competing with others: Introverts sometimes feel overwhelmed by attention extroverts receive. In one room, a party comes to life as everyone gets to know each other while an introvert hides out in a secluded corner. This is just your personality, and you should not try to compete against someone so unlike yourself. You don’t have to pretend – just be yourself, and the right person will notice you
  3. You might get clumsy with an introvert in a large group or huge crowd: Set the date appropriately. You will be able to put your best foot forward if you choose a secluded seating area when planning a date. When you start dating as an introvert, place your first date carefully, as it sets the tone for a strong relationship to come
  4. If you are an introvert, you might have difficulty asking a girl out right away. Therefore, you may want to try online dating. You should make your profile as truthful as possible and don’t hesitate to mention that you enjoy coffee, earphones, and your own company most of the time!
  5. Small talk should not be avoided: It is a way to bridge the gap between you and another person and proceed to deeper conversation. However, why can’t the world have intense conversations right now?”you may ask. It helps people get acquainted with each other through polite small talk before moving into more serious conversations. Do not be afraid to make some small talk, no matter how annoying it may seem to you

Whether you’re an introvert at heart or not,

Here are more dating tips for you:

1. Let go of your perfectionism.

On a first date, you should expect an awkward silence or two and a few jokes that fail. Honestly, I guess you’d have to be a narcissist or sociopath not to feel self-conscious or uncomfortable. On first dates, you should feel uncomfortable, bumbly, and slightly anxious. Accept it as part of the experience!

2. Know what type of date piques your chatty side.

If the date does not fit your vibe, it’s probably best to know what you’re doing ahead of time.  You may also choose to do an activity together instead of sitting at a lonely bar trying to make conversation with someone. Be sure it feels comfortable to you, whatever it is.

3. Prepare discussion topics in advance.

You can learn a bit about the person ahead of time and have topics that will not lead to a dead end.”

It is likely that you checked out their Instagram anyway if you found them on an app. We’re sure those surfing photos from seven weeks ago can make fantastic first-date questions!

4. Discover if you really do have social anxiety, not just introversion.

An introvert isn’t necessarily shy or awkward – it’s a personality trait and preference. Getting involved with any new person that you don’t know is terrifying to you, even if it involves all the things you hardcore stan the most, you might not simply be introverted.

A counsellor may be able to help you find out where the fears of meeting new people come from if you think you have a lot of fears clustering together.”

5. Don’t be stressed out by the apps.

It can be exhausting for introverts to keep swiping but never want to actually go on a date when stuck on a dating app loop.  The more pressure you are under, the harder it will be for you to stick with an online app.

Is there a way to meet people without apps? In addition, you can check out people at a party or join a club, which will also push you out of your comfort zone (but hey, at least you’ll know if you’d get along with them right away). There is also network diving. It’s easy to talk to them because they are already vetted, known entities, plus you have commonalities to talk about.” In any case, being a homebody doesn’t guarantee apps will be the most approachable way to date.

6. Make compromises with your partner from time to time.

It seems like you’ve found someone you really like, but they want to go out a bit more often than you do. What are your options? According to Dr. Hendriksen, sometimes it’s worth channeling your inner extrovert. Although we may not enjoy psyching ourselves up to be active, it’s definitely worth it if a person or a cause means a lot to us.”

Dr. Whitbourne adds that one major difference between being alone at a party and going alone is that, if your partner is comfortable with you, they will also be there. “You may find it more enjoyable than you expected.”